Vacation Day: Eagle Creek

With all that we’ve been doing lately and the stress of the family-creatin’ adventure we’ve been on, we decided this past week to get a Zipcar for NON-medical needs and head up the Gorge on the beautiful fall day that was upon us. Eagle Creek is an area I used to hike through a lot as a kid so taking Dan here (not to mention returning here after many years away) was kinda awesome…

Eagle Creek Wilderness – one of those reminders of how lucky I am to have grown up in Oregon.

With these crazy drugs in my system, the rule has been to keep exercise “moderate” so hiking 6 miles was probably not recommended, but hell, I needed some nature therapy, and the .9 mile “scenic outlook” walk was not going to cut it. With these meds, my calves and feet have hurt a lot, so it was good to move beyond the city streets.

With the dry year we’ve had, Punchbowl Falls was pretty slender, but still a gorgeous spot on a fairly quiet late morning weekday hike to sit and chill for a bit. We only wish we’d brought a picnic!

Needless to say, our li’l gal Ruby had a blast. One of the longer hikes she’s been on with us, her 9 year old self usually getting worn out earlier on. So glad we’ve been able to fight her Cushex naturally thus far (grain free, half kibble/half wet food diet) and increase her endurance!

One thing I’d never seen with my own two eyes is salmon spawning. At first we thought their weird splashing and dead bodies everywhere was drought related, but then realized the gravel beds of Eagle Creek are where they end on their upstream swim to spawn their eggs, then die. It’s a haunting experience to put it mildly, and a rare opportunity to see life and death in this beautiful species.

Me ‘n’ my sweetheart lovin’ our vacation day.


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