Wandering DC (Part II – Museum Quality)

So here’s the deal.  I was seriously underwhelmed with the museum portion of the trip.  I did adore the dinosaurs and mummies, but a lot of the stuff was out on tour in other cities (ruby slippers etc.) or closed for renovations, plus the uterus-closing effect of sixty billion 13 year olds screaming, running, and generally not giving a crap about where they were (how about a special day set aside for the tours – or a day or two for no tours, just regular folks who want to actually enjoy the museum?  I’d pay for that…), and I just ended up being glad to get out where I could breathe.  Oh yeah and during this season you have to reserve a time in advance to get into the Holocaust Museum, which was my #1 priority for this trip but I didn’t know that (June 23 next availability, ugh).

But, that being said, here is what I did see and completely adored…

At the Museum of American History, Michelle Obama’s inauguration dress. So lovely. Best part of the exhibit were the costumes of the Presidents and First Ladies.  Someday we’ll come back and see the First Gentleman’s ensemble, eh?

Julia Child’s kitchen – my oh my, the woman loved her pegboards.  Cool exhibit.

And more importantly for me, the Museum of Natural History. Hells yeah.

I swear to god when I walked in and saw this, I got teary eyed. I can never get enough of dinosaur fossils, ever since reading the Leakey books as a kid.

Brachiosaurus, the biggest of all of them, was always my favorite as a kid. (Remember the “veggie-saurus” in Jurassic Park?)


Another tearjerker – the evolution of the horse to Equus. Sigh…

Have always been enamored by fossilized trees as well – gorgeous!

Oh yes, the other must-see, the (too small) section of the museum dedicated to mummies. Anthropology and the related disciplines just totally rock. Must travel to Egypt. Must. Dang.

Working from home, I’m in awe of these guys who work in the Fossil Lab “bubble”.


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