Wandering DC (Part III – Exploring the City)

the cool little Marion Street Garden just a few houses down from my friend’s place in Shaw with intergenerational education & community events

gotta dig the older architecture – comparing PDX to DC reminds me of comparing the US to Europe in that we’re so much younger historically

Those who know me know how much I love street art, and just the few shots I snapped did not disappoint.

this and the prior shot were taken in Shaw, the neighborhood where I was staying, on my morning walk to find some coffee (let’s just say PDX wins on coffee by far)

Over on 14th NW on another morning out by the U farmer’s market, I just dug how this art artistically blends into the building while being beautifully, culturally and historically significant…

Spent two mornings in a row doing breakfast at Busboys & Poets, named after a Langston Hughes reference. And while the food was lackluster and the waiter was even less congenial, the rest of the staff were super friendly and the energy (and adjacent bookstore) was totally worth it.

You know what’s odd? I think this guy was here 25 years ago on my last trip. Not exactly an ensemble you forget.  Taken not far from the White House. Hmm.

Why there is such a small tribute to Frederick Douglass, one you could so easily miss, is beyond me…

My friend’s rowhouse. LOVE these! Super close to the Metro and I love the little front and back yards.

a bit obsessed, but tree-lined streets and row houses make me smile 🙂

Second morning at Busboys & Poets with a bit better space for writing in my journal, with Fugees in the background, all was good…

Loved Busboys & Poets’ Teaching for Change Bookstore and departed with two awesome books and a nice & soft black hemp t-shirt to boot.


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