Wandering DC (Part V – It’s All About the Seafood)

Sarah, her sweetheart and his family invited me to join them for dinner out at his home in the countryside for some Cajun food and conversation, and it was a blast.  His parents hail from Louisiana and my god, there’s even a catfish pond on the property along with the dogs, gardens, and a whole lotta nice folk to shoot the breeze with.  We stopped by the Maine Avenue Fish Market on our way down to Virginia to pick up some seafood to contribute to the meal and it was quite a fun little day with a lot of uproarious laughter mixed in as Sarah and I both get a little spooked by that many live crab but have some pretty funny video of me trying to grab them live out of the cooler.  This is what it’s all about, y’all.

blue crab – we took home 26 of these gorgeous gals for just $35 – dang! tasty but a lotta work for not a lotta meat, hmm…

the dude who sold us the blue crab was cracking us up so in true tourist fashion I had him pose for me.

so so SO much to choose from – oh happy day…I was craving some east coast seafood and was more than rewarded!


One of my fondest childhood memories was getting buckets of shrimp at stands off the side of the road along the South Carolina coast during the summer of 1984 that we spent in Savannah, Georgia. These babies put anything on the west coast to shame. So before we got our dinner fixin’s I got a 1/2 pound of these babies all cooked up and had the finest peel n eat shrimp cocktail evah.

overcoming my fear of picking up live crabs – well, i’m well protected from their claws as you can see!

I barely remembered to capture this shot near the end! We were all sitting around crackin’ & eatin’ & gabbin’ & laughin’ – this cooler was FULL when we started with an awesome boil of two kinds of crab, shrimp, potatoes, corn on the cob, spicy onions and orange halves that had absorbed all the flavors as well. Washed down with a local cider? It was heaven, I tell ya.


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