wanderlust and moonlight

do you ever have those days where you are filled with wanderlust… do you ever look at the people around you and go, how the hell did i land on this planet… do you ever feel yourself as a force of nature that so many confuse with a torrential flood… do you ever just wish you were back down there, naked under the stars and dipping into the ocean to release those toxic thoughts…

there are many ways to look at the world and there are many ways one can respond to intuition. there is something in my heart that has allowed me to sense when others are struggling that makes me want to cover them with the blanket of me, comfort, soothe, nurture, hold. i try to be a respite in the storm for those who need a soft place to fall, a warm place where they don’t have to do anything except just BE. it’s what i crave in my own world and try to give back to those who give my life meaning. whether it be people i’ve known for years or those who have recently walked into my realm, i try to show them that, with me, they are safe.

the world can be a terrifying place when things start swirling around. it is easy to close the windows and hide, or run away from interaction, not get too close, stop taking risks. these are times when i know i need to do just the opposite. i need to give of myself, make time for others, take care of those around me, find something within me that is generous and sweet to offer up. i need to accept the light around me. and i hope they see my intentions are pure. i hope that they allow themselves to receive the warmth i have to give. i hope they see that the moonlight is there for our journey, our bliss, our potential.


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