Week in Pictures

Carrots are just getting ready to be pulled from our garden, and a certain farm dog decided to bring her own harvest into the living room…


Husband captured this gorgeous view of Young’s Bay on his phone during one of his early morning bike commutes…fog is his thing, so we’re definitely in the right place 🙂


Speaking of our neck of the woods, I snapped this over at Fort Stevens State Park on the Columbia River side after a horribly stressful day. Nothing better than an isolated section of beach to help reset the heart and mind.


Back at home, the shell peas are going crazy! Of course, anyone who grows them knows that picking a huge basket of them ends up with about…a cup or two. Oy! I planted an entire bed just for peas – 12′ x 4′ – so hopefully we’ll have a couple gallons by end of season, which is coming soon. So glad to have a separate freezer for all these goodies!

And finally, a view from the very end of the property, at the edge of our big pasture looking at our house, and – if one turns around – our other next door neighbor’s sweet old horse keeping an eye on me as I mow. We’ve recently met with the new district conservationist about our plans to use it for a bee sanctuary of sorts and he said our pasture is in really good condition, and it’d be pretty easy to sow even more pollinator-friendly flowers (our purple colored favorite is nicknamed “bees friend”!). He wasn’t as helpful in identifying some of the native weeds beyond the basics since he’s not from Oregon, but it was a nice free service to take advantage of.


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