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Not super exciting to most, but for us this was a big deal. The LAST of the lights we ordered finally came in, meaning the LAST of the “1980’s pizza parlor lights” was taken down, this one in the stairwell, replaced with a simple, inexpensive silver wire pendant. Oh yeah and we painted the entire stairwell olive green (y’all know how we hate the ecru this house was covered in…). Ahhhhh….

And because it’s the holidays, naturally I “needed” to make a batch of my (in)famous bittersweet truffles! For those who have known me a while, you’ll know that I was a chocolatier in a past life, and while I don’t sell these luscious bites anymore, I try to still make and share a batch once or twice a year. This year? Ginger truffles, made with homemade organic ginger liqueur and dusted with powdered ginger as well. MMM.

Our big girl Ethel is still struggling. Unlike Betty who got a limp for a few weeks and eventually with rest (i.e., no free ranging and instead just hanging out in their run) got better, Ethel is having all kinds of physical issues. Originally we thought she just had a sliver as we’d pulled out a thorn from her foot and kept it clean, but her balance has gotten very wonky and as of the past week, we’ve  noticed she’ll not always walk on her bad foot but on the top of it with the foot upside down, just wobbling. I’ve had to feed her myself for the most part and put her in their swimming pool to get “PT” to take the weight off, but to no avail. Our neighbor said are no vet specialists in the area for avians (just big farm animals and house pets) so we’ve relied on the internet. Thinking it might be a sprain, we decided we’d try to make a splint as one site had suggested, but when we brought her in the house today to clean up (hence, the bathtub which…not surprisingly…she loved and quickly dirtied up haha…), we noticed she now appears to have developed bumblefoot in not one but TWO spots on her bum foot, which is basically an infection that can travel up the leg and eventually kill her if not successfully treated. So we are starting with the preliminary bumblefoot treatment of neosporin, bandaging and extreme quarantine (i.e., the dog crate we moved them from the city in, stuffed with straw, food, water, while keeping her safe from the wind AND still allowing her and the other 3 ducks to see each other), and will see how this works for the next few days. If it doesn’t start to dry out (the idea is this will let it dry out and fall off), we’ll have to try at-home surgery (i.e., cutting it out, cleaning it and wrapping it) – oy. My poor girl, she was so sad all wrapped up in a towel in my arms while Dan bandaged her up! Crossing fingers she will be back to her old antics soon as I can’t bear the thought of losing her at such a young (she’ll be 2 in March) age.

On a completely different note, the holiday breadmaking is definitely under way!!!! These pix don’t do justice but let’s just say the marble rye (left) and saffron challah (right) are in similar size to a wiener dog (so yeah, Cynthia, these are Molly-sized!). Can’t WAIT to dig into these – the challah is for Christmas morning French Toast, and the marble rye (which will look cooler once cut into) is for Reuben sammies on Christmas Day. We’ve decided our big “theme” meal will be Christmas Eve this year, where we’ve decided upon – Australia! For new blog followers, Dan and I try to embrace a different country each year, with last year being French (cassoulet), 2016 was Mexican (chicken mole, my favorite), and 2015 was Cuban (lime and chile marinated pork, maduros, etc).  This year it’s going to be about the savory meat pie, red potatoes in lamb tallow, and a chocolate biscuit cake that features ingredients I can only categorize as “Commonwealth” (golden syrup, Digestives, etc.). And, yes, we of course have CHRISTMAS CRACKERS (we even gave a few to an Australian customer of my husband’s – also named Dan believe it or not – who was jealous to hear we had them)! Along with this being an Australian theme, it also is to  honor our very first Christmas we ever spent together in Melbourne 🙂

I’m so ready for 2019. That’s all I will say for now – will be writing MUCH more on this blog (whether anyone’s still listening or not) because my heart has so much to say that I’ve just been suppressing recently. Thank you to those who have stuck around and take the time to leave comments – it means the world, and I am grateful.


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