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Meow! Nothing like tarps and black plastic and scrap plywood across the front yard to invite the paparazzi! This, of course, is our first attempt at killing grass, and because we have no concept of dimensions coming from the city, only about 40% is actually covered because I’m in no mood to go BUY plastic to kill the other 60% quite yet. But trust me, this is going to look rad a year or so from now when it’s all landscaped and things have begun to grow. Nothing like December to remind you that you have a shit ton to do if you want your garden to, um, be a GARDEN next year!


I’ve found the perfect way to make LOTS of bread and have my house smell like perfection: get all the ingredients together, then when it’s time to knead for 10 minutes? Call in the husband who does that part terrifically and save my strength! Team Levens!  (PS – this is a Honey Wheat Bread recipe I modified using half molasses, half honey…and since we were out of butter, I used some of the gorgeously rendered silky white lard from our piggy. SO darn good y’all.)

I am currently immersing myself in the fabulous Michelle Obama’s Becoming. With my back, I don’t have the ability to read in bed or sit for hours upon end reading books as I used to which sucks. So as it’s four or five pages at a time read at the table, but it’s so worth it. Love love LOVE her.

While I’m not usually big into company holiday parties, my husband’s was actually pretty fun as they just rented out the bowling alley and ordered pizzas. They’ve got a really nice bunch of people working there and it was a rare actual Saturday night out as Dan usually is working 🙂


And…we got our tree! I’ve never had a tree more than 7′ and this one literally brushes the ceiling. We were planning to buy a living tree and then we learned A) there is zero selection here on the North Coast for a full size potted tree, and B) living trees are only meant to be indoors for 7 days – did you know that? I sure didn’t!!! So…next year we’ll get a potted one for the back deck, and in the meantime ended up going down to the local nursery for a pre-cut Nordman Fir. Didn’t even get to cut one down as the only two U-Cut places left in town were basically Charlie Brown level trees…such a bummer 😦  But we got our tree, put on our super energy-efficient LED lights (hint – buy Xmas lights the week after Xmas when things are all on closeout – we got 5 boxes for like $15 last year!), turned on the old records (digital folks check out my dear old friend Shirley Nanette’s holiday music, she’s the best…find her on iTunes as well mm-kay?) and shared memories of Christmas past, from the 70’s and early 80’s fondue-filled Xmas Eves in my mother’s house to our first Christmas together down in Melbourne. Rad.

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