Week in Pictures

Well I’m officially in love with goats – oy vey! Over at our neighbor’s house (she has 9 goats, 2 mules, three dogs and a ton of turkeys, chickens, and ducks..whew!) I spent some time with these sweethearts and just fell head over heels for them. She takes such good care of them and makes cheese from their milk along with being the one who hooked us up with half a pig this week when our other plans fell through, and we just love having them nearby. This is real community.

WTF – canning? I thought this was my year off? Guess not, although this is nothing compared to what I usually do. Husband came home with a case of Calville Blancs, one of the heirloom apples I have loved for years and wanted to grow here, and so it meant a whole lot of peeling, chopping, cooking and canning (apple/onion/ale relish and apple chai butter since I didn’t get pears this year, and – not pictured – apple ginger preserves)…plus a gaggle of apple cider vinegar from the peels which we’re both stoked about (I give it to the ducks in their water besides using it for cooking…Dan drinks it straight, hmm).  I usually can with Granny Smith (I have no use for 90% of other kinds of apples as I think they are way too tame compared to the killer tartness of the GS, heh…) but these will do in a pinch  – plus husband likes these better. A few interesting things about the Calvilles, which are pretty hard to find (they got a bonus shipment of them at work so he ordered a case just for us – nice having a partner in produce!): 1) they are kind of wonky shaped, so using my kickass apple peeler/corer thing? Useless. They are too soft and misshapen to stay on, ugh!, 2) they go soft much faster than the GS, and 3) I don’t like them as much as I used to. They are good but I think maybe as I get older I only want GREAT, haha. Who knows, but it was good to get the canner out and refill a wee bit of the pantry. Thank goodness we still have a bunch of lemon pickles, sweet relish and berry jams from 2017 that we brought over in the move!

So this was pretty eerie…while Dan was going around auditing the entire house for potential mouse/rat/bat entry points and filling anything he could find with that awesome expanding foam stuff (I don’t even want to talk about the fact that last week a bat flew four feet in front of me in the living room past the TV late one night…I pretty much lost my shit and Dan who was already fast asleep upstairs had to get out of bed and get it out of the house), in our guest bedroom closet way way in back he found this old library book. Adorable enough since it was from 1986 right? But get this – it’s by an Australian author, and as you can see from inside cover it’s about a kid moving from Melbourne out to the sticks! Seriously trippy. We’re keeping the book.

And of course continuing to love living on this big piece of heaven near the coast, and finding what we find. From the walk back up through “our forest” as we call the treed area in the back of our property, to finding our girl Ethel holed up in a sword fern while the others are out foraging, to the latest poisonous ‘shrooms my hubby is finding (nope, that’s not a chanterelle on the right unfortunately…), it’s pretty rad.


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