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Happy Birthday this week to my sweetheart who turned 51!  We started out with brekkie out and a walk down a fairly quiet Cannon Beach (yay for his birthday being just after the summer holiday has ended!) then he got his wish of going for his first ever ride in a small plane – a biplane to be exact – which he thoroughly enjoyed (minus the pilot who turned out to be a Confederate flag-waving advocate with the “they’re taking away our history” bullshit (imagine for a moment if our country did WWII reenactments with swastikas…kind of guessing there wouldn’t be an argument)… so we’ll never, ever give this guy our business to put it mildly). Anyhow, post flight we came home, chilled out for a bit and then headed out to Carruther’s for a really REALLY nice meal. Not only good food but nice to go on a real date after being so immersed in DIY. Yay for b-days!

We finally got our riding lawn mower!! And yeah baby, it’s battery powered, NOT gasoline, which totally rocks (read about the Ryobi Electric here if you’re curious – it’s definitely a badass!)  Thanks to our neighbor for helping us with his trailer after Home Depot fucked up the original delivery, we were able to go pick it up and get Dan almost immediately into hours of bliss mowing our small pasture, front yard, and the area I refer to as “the park” in that it’s an acre-ish of trees….but originally with lots of brush that needed clearing. There’s still blackberry brambles that could use the work of some goats but we’ve got some paths and even some flat areas to lollygag about. First though is always “what to DO with this?” then responding to each other “just do nothing…observe…remember permaculture” and smiling 🙂

And our kitchen remodel is still chuggin’ along! Once the new drywall was up, we realized our kitchen floors were a multitude of shades…but when it connects to the entire house, and neither your budget nor your mental health can take a whole-house refinish, so…? You paint the kitchen floor. Not an easy decision, and I might regret it later, but for now, it’s done, and I’m relieved. And learning from our neighbor that these are actually NOT the original hardwoods? Even less guilt. Thanks to ultra-low-VOC chalk paint by Annie Sloan, we didn’t need to do anything to prep them beyond sweep/mop, and 3 days later we’re walking on them – in socks of course, but still. Because of that I made the executive decision to move our new fridge (meow! biggest one I’ve ever had!) and induction range (meow meow! this is what I settled on when I realized getting a French door wall oven AND a cooktop was not feasible, no-way, no-how) in before we painted it, considering each weighs 300+ lbs and our combined grace definitely would not enable us to lift or drag-on-cardboard in a way that would not damage a painted floor. Oh and yeah, we were both getting damn tired of going to the garage for food! I know, we don’t have a sink (amen for the laundry sink). Or a dishwasher (I donated the old black one). And our range hood is still in the box as the HVAC folks screwed us over and the new folks won’t be here til the 18th, so no cooktop action (the BBQ is rockin’ though I gotta say). But still? Progress. And yes, that’s a photo of our big ass kitchen work table that I built with my own two hands, 100% reclaimed! The base is from two crazy long pieces of cedar fencing that the seller was using to block off the driveway (she wanted her horse to be able to come into the front yard, go figure…), which I cut, sanded and painted with zero-VOC white paint; the base shelves were cut from 8 footers found in a stall in the barn of all places; and the countertop is of course the 2×12 barn wood I got at SalvageWorks, mentioned in last week’s post. That being said, I made the foolish mistake of sanding and staining them separately, WITHOUT laying them out first. So when I did, I realized ONE was not flush and needs to be planed. Big time. And this gal don’t wanna buy a $400 planer just for this job, yo. So with that, amen for finding a woodworker in town who is going to do it on Monday morning for me 🙂 Next up? Cleaning up, painting and installing the floor trim, finishing the freestanding cabinet for the sink that comes in next week, as well as building a dishwasher cabinet from scratch (why they don’t make stainless freestanding dishwashers is beyond me…). For those not familiar with this style of kitchen, it’s called “unfitted” – basically how kitchens used to be with work tables instead of built in cabinets. Check ’em out on Pinterest 🙂 With most cabinets built with all kinds of chemicals and out of virgin wood (or the reclaimed ones being crazy-ass spendy) and here in the US finding it nearly impossible to find ones like they have in Europe which have some open shelving at the bottom, this was our solution. Many tears and tantrums on my end but it’s happening, dammit!


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