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Whew! Holy hell is everything on overdrive now or what??? This past week marked some significant milestones in our preparation for the next chapter – the home inspection here (including the radon test which, if you’ve never had it, means you gotta keep all your windows and doors closed for 48 hours – super fun for summertime in trying to keep this place under 80 degrees…and it’s only 72 outside…imagine if it was a heat wave!), getting a six-digit cashier’s check that emptied out our HELOC to use for the down payment on the farmhouse, and then signing the inch-high stack of paperwork to close on the property. This is all in addition to trying to get 10+ contractors scheduled in for bids and/or work in July, as our plans are to unpack just about everything initially into the garage while this work gets done (btw it’s our first “real” sized garage – kind of stoked I gotta say…and needless to say it’ll make a killer workshop as it’s definitely not for our car!) and doing it all myself as our own GC is now too busy to help us so just sent me a list of phone numbers. Oy vey.


Along with this, we have also started making the rounds to our favorite shops and restaurants, including Block & Board out in Southwest where we stocked up on pork belly, sausages and other beautiful things (along with having lunch, of course), the owner Kyle (pictured at right) was a teacher at one of Dan’s meat classes, so it was great for Dan to get a chance to shoot the breeze with them as well. Me, I’m enjoying the taste of gorgeously smoked ham melting in my mouth…

And since we were super close to Lake Oswego, we then headed down to Tryon Creek Park for a low key walk in the woods to try and quiet our (okay, MY) minds. Used to come here all the time as kids including when I was a Bluebird and Camp Fire Girl (honey I’ve got no use for Girl Scouts) and so it was a nice memory to revisit.

As the weather was much milder this week (thankfully), we also rode over to Peninsula Park to breathe in the rose garden where I’ve spent so much time throughout my life. From coming here with my sister when I was a kid to visit our grandma who lived across the street, to going to my sister’s (3rd) wedding in the park (which ultimately led me to moving back to PDX from Santa Barbara), to listening to classical in the park with neighbor friends, to lying in the field at night watching shooting stars with another friend, to coming here with my husband on bike, to photographing these Western Tiger Swallowtail butterflies this week, it will always be a special place for me. (And yes, I am able to bike about 30 minutes now total – as long as I take a break at 15 minutes for my back – which is pretty cool…I’ll take it!)


Meanwhile my favorite hummingbird-attracting alliums are blooming in the backyard…

Visited two different places, The Rebuilding Center, to scan through ideas for doors and the like at our farmhouse (woo hoo!), and then while out with Dan, we tried to have a final burger at my favorite tavern since I was a wee little girl, Stanich’s, to find this heartbreaking sign on the door. Word is, the bitchy hipsters got light of it being named Best Burger in America and shit all over this family owned, multigenerational pub and the owners just got fed up. I hope hope hope they will return but seeing the way Portland is going, the place I went with my family as a kid, had my 21st and 40th birthday parties, and just felt HOME at? Might be gone forever. Fuck Nouveau PDX. I’m red’to’go.

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