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How I love a great set of Before and After shots! On the left you have my husband when he was not yet my husband, here visiting me from Australia in the summer of 2013. The two purplish plants to his right are a purple smokebush and an elderberry. The greenery in front were some black calla lilies and they have long since croaked, but as you can see in this picture taken five years later, the elderberry has gone BERZERK! Yes, the smokebush is still barely peeking out from behind it on the right, but dang, that elderberry has definitely earned its keep! (I planted a native mock orange to the right of it which is the tall greenery you see now – it’s happy as can be there).


My new favorite quote, spotted on NW 9th Ave in the Pearl…

So during one of the many times we were booted out of our house (for a showing, of course) this week, we decided to drive over to Ikea to do some design planning. While their kitchens don’t allow for a corner wall oven, and their countertops are frighteningly low quality, aesthetically it’s a good place to think about what you want things to look like. One of the things we realized with our new house is that there’s a very good chance our monstrous comfy rad sectional we got just 3 years ago, one that looks perfect in our current living room, is now going to be super awkward, so it will probably be sold and we’ll look for something else. But with all the things we are going to be working on in the house, we also knew that for the short term, we simply don’t need an entire sofa clogging up the rooms we’re going to be remodeling, so we decided to just buy the ridiculously comfy Poang chairs that have that oh-so-subtle rock to it that we just melt into. And yeah that’s Dan fucking around in the chair area 🙂

Husband and I recently realized that we’ve never played frisbee together, so what better place to practice one’s awkward running-and-not-catching-them and throwing-so-bad-the-frisbee-goes-behind-you than Cathedral Park under the St. John’s Bridge? That’s us! Always love that place and as Dan reminded me, we picnicked here when we were still long-distancing romancing it and he was visiting me here 🙂

And it’s one of those cool days before the heat kicks in this weekend, one of those days where the flowers are just making me happy in the front yard, from the last of the poppies, to the brilliant purple of the lavender, to the gorgeous scent of the jasmines (which have met our goal set a few years ago of covering the deck railing), to the yellow mullein which seems to be reaching for the sky, to my potted up roses which remind me of their upcoming journey in a month to the coast…

…and I walk into the backyard as I have a million times before and I see how the seeds of the marigolds and calendulas and borage and cornflowers have exploded in the raised beds as a giant “welcome!” to prospective buyers, just as I’d hoped they would, and then my ducks hear me softly padding towards them and, as usual, Ethel gets tall and reaches up to me, hoping for a treat, while Betty, grounded with a bum leg for the second time in as many months (that is one awkward duck!) after carousing in the tub with her sisters (note to self – bigger pool with easier entry when we get to Astoria!), quietly quacks at me as she sits peacefully where I’ve brought the food dish and a smaller bowl of water just for her. She can see and hear all the action, so she’s good. And I think, who’d a thunk I’d be looking after four ducks and a hive of bees? Life is strange that way…


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