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backyard + barn

It’s been absolute madness since the offer was approved! Inspections, questions for the seller, financial transactions, and of course here at home, 9 showings of the house just in the last 3 days! Looking at this picture taken of what I’m now calling “the immediate back yard”, meaning, the non-pasture area right out the back door, there’s a 17’x30′ slab which we’re thinking is where an old detached garage probably stood, that could be a perfect location for a greenhouse (rather than renting some serious concrete-busting equipment), don’t you think? After Monday’s septic inspection, we found that the drain field and tank are on the OTHER side of the yard which is awesome, and means that we can totally de-grass this area into a deck, flowers, all that jazz. I was thinking garden initially but with all this space? The small pasture might become our Garden Mecca! (Not to mention Ducklandia…)

house - back

This is the back of the house – kind of odd as it looks normal in front – turns out, like many old homes there were a few additions made over the years (and not just the attached garage). While an upper deck may seem romantic to some, I actually don’t like it at all. Sure, a balcony off the master bedroom could be nice, but the entire length of the house? I’d much rather knock this down (considering the inspector said it’d need major repairs as it’s sagging and such, it’s not a tough call to make), change that exterior door to a window, and open up all that light below to extend the back patio into a nice deck for entertaining and BBQ. Besides, eating breakfast up there and such would mean running back and forth down the stairs and I’d rather come downstairs for brekkie…and stay downstairs. And yes, that little sunroom/hothouse is currently attached to that upper deck – it’s a trip and when you come out the back door it’s very dark. But nothing we can’t handle (think of Chip in Fixer Upper and how he loves Demo Day…that’s me!).

Meanwhile, back in P-town I’ve snapped a few pix of some rad street art. It’s nice to see this taking foot here in my hometown as my husband really got me obsessed with in back in his Melbourne/St Kilda stomping grounds…!


And yes, when a new sidewalk went in at the end of our street a few years ago, on the walk we take to the grocery store? My honey did this (awwwwww!). Hopefully it will be there for years to come for us to come back and see 🙂


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