Week in Pictures

Our latest hive check went well. We’d put on the second brood box a couple of weeks ago and those gals are busy busy! I’m always amazed at how they build the comb with such perfect little hexagons. On the left, Dan is pointing out that he sees the queen, who has clearly finished her work in the bottom box since she’s up in the second one now doing her thing. In another few weeks we’re guessing we’ll be able to add the honey super and do our first collection by late June – crossing fingers! In prior years we’ve only had one brood box but this year we thought we’d do two so we have even more extra comb for them in the off season. For those who are curious, we have a Flow Hive and don’t regret it one bit! To see pictures from last year’s harvest and see how the honey super works, click HERE. It’s kinda awesome, y’all.

The backyard garden has evolved into it’s next stage, with the dogwood that Dan planted for my birthday last year in full bloom, the false mallow starting to show off its pink for the local butterflies, and for the first time ever, the mock orange bushes have blossomed! Especially excited about the latter as they’ve been pretty nondescript each year since we got them a few years ago at EMSWCD‘s Native Plant Sale, and boy do they smell like orange blossoms (the closest we’ll get here in Oregon)!!!

The North side of our property is loving the dappled light. Clockwise from top left: clematis, cool unknown white flower I forgot the name of, Japanese climbing hydrangea – (that we hope finally blooms this year but is definitely spreading itself around the old bookshelf frame!), nootka rose and teeny tiny snowberry blossom (the last two being native plant sale finds as well – great shrubbery that grows FAST!).

And my oh my our front garden is taking OFF!! This is the time of year when we return from a walk and just smile. Every morning that Dan is off or has a late shift, we go out here after breakfast with our warm beverage and just look at everything, watch the bumblebees, honeybees, mason bees and others going about their business, point out new growth here or flick off aphids or grab the watering can to give things a drink from the rain cistern, and just BE. This is why I garden. Clockwise from top left: our Granny Smith apple is full of fruit (it’s 2 years old and last year to help it grow a stronger root system, we snipped off all the blossoms as they recommend, so this year we are letting it fruit just a wee bit, having already clipped off a bunch of them when they were dime-sized, as the branches are still fairly delicate in circumference. It will be a real gift to whoever buys our house!), Double Delight rose (this was grandma’s favorite), orange poppies (the bees go nuts for this one, practically burying themselves in it and coming out with knapsacks of pollen), night flowering tobacco, and this crazy cool yellow poppy (last year we saved a TON of our flowers’ seeds so hopefully wherever we go we can bring a bit of my first home to the garden).

Our 4th wedding anniversary was just lovely. We were somewhat celebrating it all week, starting with our trip down to Lane County and the vineyard, and the day before going out for hot fudge sundaes at Rimsky-Korsakoffee house (that’s my honey smiling at me from our table there), and on our actual anniversary, making French toast and bacon for brekkie at home, heading to Mimosa Studios to make these fun soup-size mugs for each other (I gotta say, I HIGHLY recommend this activity as a fun and fairly inexpensive way to do something nice for each other, whether it’s couples or friends or relatives – special occasion or not. We both were having fun, enjoying great conversation, as well as surprising each other at the end with the art we made for each other – rather than making something for ourselves), lunch at Petite Provence on Alberta, lazying around in the afternoon, then splurged on dinner at El Gaucho (whiskey, cheese plate and lobster…and great service including the card and rose petals on our table from the saff? oh yeah this was a good night!). I’ll take a day like this with my husband over a fancy piece of obligatory jewelry any day of the week.


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