Week in Pictures

Hell yeah it’s May in the garden!It makes me misty-eyed to see how much of this we’ll be leaving behind when we sell this, and just hope that whoever the buyer is loves our garden and takes good care of it. (From top left: bee’s friend, snowball bush, rose, pink poppy & borage, allium, dogwood, clematis, bee balm, iris, red poppy, Rob’s hostas, azalea).

The edibles are also in full force, with our Granny Smith apple going nuts in its 2nd year with little tiny fruit which seemed like they were just blossoms hours ago, and our blueberry bushes in various stages of growth, as we have early and mid-season varietals. While the blueberry bushes are several years old and already went into pots last year when they went dormant, my husband and I debated multiple times about bringing the new apple tree with us but decided for the coastal climate we’ll need something a bit more used to the clouds compared to the sun-needy GS. Sniff, sniff…

And I went a little apesh*t at the Hillsdale Farmer’s Market this morning. I can’t explain it but it’s my absolute favorite market. Maybe because it’s got more of a small town vibe than the others around town, maybe because it’s a bit less hipster like the ones on my side of the river, maybe because it’s not teeming with tourists like the mega-sized one at PSU, I dunno…I just know I can always find a seat at Baker & Spice around the corner and enjoy my cappuccino and savory bread pudding, then get everything I need at the market where folks are super, super nice. Clockwise from top left: collard greens, saucisson sec (French garlic sausage), hazelnut butter, pea greens and a huge bag of carrot tops (free from one of the vendors’ compost pile – a nice treat for the duckies since we don’t have a garden this year), vanilla roobios tea, dried chanterelle mushrooms, sourdough rye bread, Block & Board’s bacon jam, and of course…strawberries (amen that we do have a ton of rhubarb to harvest from the yard – I heart perennials! – as these are going into a pie TODAY). HELLA YUM.

Another step towards our next adventure was having our agent’s photographer come out to shoot our home. It’s an interesting experience to have a stranger come in and snap shots of every room in your home and around the property, and staging it left me a bit nauseated, as most things that personalize your home have to go, but I think they turned out pretty good. Fortunately my real estate agent is happy to add my own photos to the mix as well since she knows I’ve got a good eye, so when, sadly, his pictures of the front of the house were really shitty (I was super averse to having my house shot at 1pm on a really bright sunny day – not exactly the most flattering light on humans or objects – but it was the only time he was available, so our house was very washed out in his photos) and since he didn’t shoot the coop (we are NOT deconstructing that for the move – the girls will get a much bigger run at our new digs and someone will totally score as this is being marketed to Urban Homesteaders, of course…) or the pantry (duh…looking at the kitchen photos, no one will understand where the food is kept, gotta show that!), I added my own shots to the mix of those. Oh yes and how strange is it to turn EVERY single light on in your house…in the middle of the day?! The eco in my soul was trippin’…

Ah yes, and here was one of the beautiful Gloucestershire Old Spot I got to meet while up on Vashon when picking up my husband from “piggy camp”. He was so sweet and approachable and loved to be scratched behind the ears…it was hard to comprehend in my mind that I’d just joined Dan and his classmates in eating part of one of his buddies for lunch. That’s a whole different blog topic I’ll address eventually, as the philosophy around humane slaughter and how the folks who organized the class was pretty interesting – some I agreed with and others a bit too Jesus-freaky for Dan and I.

Ah yes, and the ducks are at mock speed laying eggs…I’ve got to come up with new dishes or trade for garden goodies with neighbors!! But dang they are so delish.

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