Week in Pictures

Spring keeps springing…the more unusual tulip variations like this one on the left just began to bloom as the early ones are already dying out, and these purple ones (whose name I always forget…amethyst something…?) are making me happy. I can smell lilacs, the star magnolia has already burnt in the premature 80+ degree days we’ve had this week, and I do believe the alliums grew at least a foot in the past day as by next week they should be unfurling into big fat globes…


Some great advice I noticed on the wall outside of Costello’s Travel Caffe on Broadway as my husband and I grabbed some lunch…


So while the black cohosh mellowed my mood swings out, the perimenopause I’m dealing with now is extraordinarily physical in nature, with basically no cycle predictability whatsoever and what I un-affectionately call my “weekend” – meaning, I have had my period for a total of about 8 weeks now, with a couple days a week where it takes a break then returns. Since black cohosh doesn’t deal with that and you’re not supposed to take it for more than 6 months, I’m off that and trying out Chaste Tree (aka Vitex) to see if it will naturally help mellow out my cycle. I will not go on progesterone (anyone who’s gone through the hell of that in IVF can empathize with those side effects), and while I’m trying to take this new chapter as holistically as possible, I do know that when I’m not bleeding, my back feels better, so the more I can help myself naturally to minimize the inflammation, the better. CBD drops are next…


I love telling the true story about how when I moved here, the lilac tree was literally a six foot stump. Two years later, as my garden was cultivated, it decided to come back from the dead and is now this gorgeousness. And my gawd, the scent! Intoxicating. Along with the eucalyptus my husband and I planted together the year we got married, I think I will miss these lilacs more than anything else in my garden when we move.


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