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Time to go figure out a way to differentiate our car in the grocery store parking lot from the 85% of others that are also Subaru wagons! It’s good to send the Focus packing for something more roomy while also not buying new, something that was important to me since we couldn’t afford the hybrid Niro we originally were pining for (someday…?). While the badass factor is completely eliminated in having an Outback, I gotta say the power lumbar support in the front seat, easy-pop-down back seats, automatic hatchback open/close, kickass roof rack and Pandora connection features are all pretty dope. Yeah you heard me.


But hey, you know you’re in a good part of the country when you get up at 6:30am on a rainy, blustery Saturday morning to go stand in line with a zillion other folks to pick up your bees! This is the box that they come in (yes, there is a “plug” on the big hole you see so they don’t buzz all around the car on the way home!) and since they are nucs instead of a simple package of bees (for newbies, nucs are bees with frames…kind of like buying garden starts instead of seeds), you set the box down where the hive is going to be near your brood box, let them hang out there for a few hours so they can acclimate to their surroundings, and then transfer them into your brood box with a few existing frames. When we lost our bees in late winter, we wrapped up the frames with comb on them in plastic bags and stored them in the garage, and so those help the gals get started a bit faster than putting empty frames and waiting for them to do it from scratch. We also gave them some 1:1 sugar water since it’s been a wee bit chilly and we want to make sure they’re well fed while they acclimate to our garden. The sun came out for a wee bit after doing the install in the rain (we put up a tarp over where Dan was working so that it’d be less traumatic for all parties involved) and they started sticking their little bee heads out, and here we are a day later and they are going on some test flights, woo hoo! In a week we’ll do a full inspection, see what the queen is up to, etc. – excellent! It made me SO happy to see my husband in his element. I like beekeeping but Dan has both a real passion and a knack for it as well. And today, as the 68 degree temps and sunshine came out? They were clearly acclimated, with their little bags o’ pollen coming in to help the hive become their very own. Kinda like us 🙂

Citizenship test no 17, 'the t-shirt over head'.

How many Representatives are in the House? What war did Eisenhower fight in before becoming President? How many amendments are there to the Constitution? What is one right you have as a US Citizen? These are all part of the 100 sample questions Dan studied for this morning’s citizenship test/interview at USCIS. What’d they ask him, you want to know…? Well, “Who’s the President?” was one of them. Or as Dan said, softball questions. But hey we’re cool because he PASSED! Unfortunately, because his permanent residency conditions removal (after you’ve been here 2 years you apply to have the conditions removed, so they can extend it for 10 years) has not been fully processed on their end (they let you apply for citizenship as soon as you’ve been here 3 years), they could not send him to today’s oath ceremony with everyone else, so he has to wait until the processing is complete on the residency forms before they’ll sign off on the final Naturalization certificate. For those not familiar with immigration stuff, let’s just say it’s kind of like passing your behind-the-wheel driver’s test at the DMV, and them saying they can’t print your actual license until your learner’s permit application is processed. Sigh! Supposedly they’re about a month out (he’s been waiting 1.5 years on that one as they are a wee bit behind schedule) – so yes, we’re excited he passed, but were a wee bit perturbed as we thought he’d be finished today. Soon, grasshopper, soon.

As this was the “Day of Dan”, I took him to scrumptious Peruvian at Andina for a celebratory lunch and they, as usual, did not disappoint. This gorgeous small plate (we just did a ton of small plates, my favorite) was Morada, a Peruvian purple potato and shredded chicken breast with ají amarillo. It was fun to do a bit more of a fancy lunch, something that is rare for us – the waiter was very kind and even made up a special congratulations plate for our panna cotta 🙂 We also spent almost 2 hours inside Powell’s and let’s just say we made up for lost time in used book purchases to spoil the both of us! The only new things were the kickass book bag and a (not photographed) print by Madame Talbot to help christen our future home in the area of our fair state where the Columbia meets the Pacific. Now that’s cool.

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