Week in Pictures

Heh. So I am almost to the halfway point of attempting to go dairy-, gluten- and refined-sugar-free suddenly I found myself, after Week 2’s shitty meals (I tried 3 new GF/DF recipes and they sucked BIG time. Let’s just say beans and quinoa are not allowed in our house for a while, mm-kay?), floating into Petite Provence for one of their gorgeous ham and mornay croissants with a vanilla macaron on the side. I know, just over a week and I already flopped, how is that after living GF/DF for so long in the past? Quite frankly, I have no fucking clue, but my guess is because back then I didn’t give up sugar, so there were way more “treats” out there. So….how did I feel after this cheat? Not nearly as great as I had thought it would make me feel, that’s for sure. And I’m not referring to the guilt at all – I mean, the macaron I used to love tasted like I had dipped my tongue and teeth into pure C&H sugar, and the croissant sandwich wasn’t nearly as sexy as I thought it’d be either. I could instantly tell that these food groups did not define me this time around – what I thought I was missing, that would make me feel better, did not. Do I miss baking bread? Yes. Do I need to eat it myself around the house? No. Do I think I can bake some for my husband and leave it out of my own diet? Maybe. I’m thinking about it, we’ll see. I did finally find a GF flour tortilla (teff) that doesn’t suck (corn tortillas don’t do it for me, so husband can have those). Now as far as dairy and sugar, those two lovebirds go hand in hand and are not something I could leave for my husband while I sit on my hands, so even if they don’t appear to be dangerous, we’ll be right back on the wagon for the month on those. And hey, Dr Oz said that “Contrary to what you may have heard, a cheat day during a diet is not bad thing. That’s because it allows your body to take a rest from the plan you’ve been sticking to all week and eases restrictions temporarily.” Of course his idea of cheating is letting yourself eat turkey bacon, but I get what he’s saying and how “cheating” is within reason (i.e., a pint of ice cream on your ‘cheat day’ is not the same as allowing yourself a really great sandwich). Along with this, my reasons for this March Madness thing I’m doing is all about fighting the inflammation rampant in my body, and knowing I was putting foods into my body that could be contributing to it? Not great. Lesson learned.

As far as my eyes go, I’m venturing into some new territory and am learning a lot. My retina doctor said my right eye is still healing as it should so I don’t have to see him until August now, which is great, and as mentioned in an earlier post, I gave up the idea of Xiidra prescription drops since the $250/month cost is bullshit and they weren’t helping anyhow, so I’ve taken on a multi-pronged homeopathic approach to them. 1) I bought a much better Humidifier. The first one was too small so I keep that in my office to have next to me while I am on the computer, and this new black beauty is everything and more. It senses the room’s humidity and stays on til the room gets to whatever setting I put it at, plus it has a timer and holds up to a gallon of water. The best part? My eyes are no longer stuck together in the morning. They’re not perfect, but just a week into it, it’s like night and day. It was about $65 and while that seems like a lot, it’s been so great that in the morning I bring it out into the living room so it can do its thing all day long where we spend so much time. Our next house WILL have a built in humidifier, y’all – no doubt about it! 2) I doubled up my fish oil dose. One of my NDs in the past got me onto them and this brand is the highest dosage for a good quality, non-fishy-tasting pill, so I am now taking two rather than one per day. 3) Along with using it on my lower back and hips, I’m now using castor oil in the form of eye drops as I’ve read so many great things from folks who’ve tried that for whom medicated drops haven’t helped. So far, so good. With that, the impending warming of temperatures, more breaks from electronics, more blinking, and twice-daily lid scrubs, I’m optimistic that the hormonal changes in me that are causing this will be alleviated greatly by this approach.

And we creep closer to spring, as the crocuses are in their glory, the daffodils are asking to be picked and put in a vase in the kitchen, and the flowering currant bushes are beginning to pretty up against the fence…lilac and apple blossom and clematis buds are rampant, the beginnings of lilies and false mallows and gooseberries are teasing us, and all I can do is hope we find our little casa out west soon because this is the season where I really fall in love all over again each year with my house 🙂

Oh yes, and the best time of year to look out our front window at the tri-plex across the street? Definitely during cherry blossom season!!

And the highlight of the week…! My sweetheart planned a wonderful surprise outing for us to the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve outside of Hillsboro. It was a GORGEOUS day, with temps nearing 70 degrees, with so many wonderful sounds and sights of a huge variety of birds, frogs in the marshes, the early bits of spring underway in the plant life, and even a couple of snakes. Dan also put together a charcuterie lunch with prosciutto, salami, soppresata, pork loin, pickled carrots, artichokes, cipollini onions, g/f crackers, and a sweet red apple for us to picnic on. What a lovely date!



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