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Alright, so we’re 5 days into my version of March Madness, going gluten/dairy/sugar free for an entire month to see how it affects my overall physical well-being (something I know will be a positive as I did it for a couple of years after doing a gluten/dairy/egg elimination diet), and so far I’ve made it. Well, except for the GF/Vegan “honey sweetened” snack bar from Whole Foods I tried, loved, then took a closer look at the packaging afterwards it had that damn trendy word for white sugar (“evaporated cane syrup”) buried in the  ingredients list. As anyone who’s attempted to convert to GF/DF, that alone is a challenge in the first week – I lovingly call it “cry in the grocery store” withdrawal because basically it forces you into TRULY whole foods (minus a few vegan/GF frozen enchiladas by Amy’s). So I decided I’d finally try riced cauliflower, as I’ve never been a huge fan of bowls of real rice but knew Bowls of something would help me survive – and get creative in the kitchen. Why Tiffani Thiessen, you ask? Well, I found a cauliflower fried rice recipe online and who knew, it’s from her cooking show. And guess what? It’s freakin’ GREAT. Husband loved it too. So for those of you out there who don’t ordinarily like cauli or don’t know WTF to do with it? Seriously, this is great. Tastes like a combo of rice and quinoa, and you just pop it in the food processor or grate it up depending on how “ricey” you want it. Plus I read  on Epicurious that the best way to make it taste the most like rice? 3 minutes in the microwave. Whoa.

Day Two of March Madness was better – while I hate GF bread for sandwiches, it definitely does help with one of my favorite brekkies with my husband: French Toast. We use almond milk exclusively at home so the core ingredients were fine, and as I’ve never needed to top my FT with butter, topping it with bananas sauteed in olive oil and cinnamon? Perfection. That being said, lunch is my greater challenge because I’m left to my own devices being self-employed, and by the time I left my therapist’s office – it was one of those “doozy” appointments where you just feel exhausted from all the emotional discussion – I wanted to eat, well, everything. Amen for her being in Southeast Portland (not something I say a lot as SE is practically BFE compared to where I live on the opposite end in NE) because it meant I could stop by at Harlow on Hawthorne for lunch. For Portlanders who’ve never been, it’s the sister restaurant to Prasad in the Pearl and  just about everything is vegan with most things gluten free (or with a GF option) to boot…and it’s GOOD. So when this gal craved gluten & dairy due to the emo-withdrawal from those foods? Their mac & cheese saved me from certain insanity 🙂

Our weekend has kicked off with going to some classic Portland institutions to pay homage to the history of my hometown and places that have been here for eons. After checking out the film costume gallery at Movie Madness (and laughing because the first costume I recognized was Drew Barrymore’s white feather boa outfit from Never Been Kissed…before recognizing Peter Boyle’s costume from Young Frankenstein), we went down to the Oregon Historical Society Museum where they had the awesome exhibit Racing to Change: Oregon’s Civil Rights Years, along with a permanent exhibit of Oregon’s early history, from our indigenous people who the white settlers killed off through disease and violence through suffrage and civil rights through the modern day. I gotta say, I laughed at the case (center bottom) where items from the 1960’s and 1970’s were featured asking if visitors “knew what they were used for”…talk about feeling old looking at rotary dial phones, 8-track tapes and portable alarm clocks!

We also visited my happy place from high school – 2nd Avenue Records. It’s much bigger now than the hole in the wall it was back in the late 1980s/early 1990’s but still as true to it’s old Portland roots. Two classic records for our collection? Check!

And headed out to look at more property on the coast – should be a whirlwind afternoon, wish us luck that this is the one!

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