Week in Pictures

I parked next to this Wonder Woman car the other night…how cool is that…

I’ve been to the Grilled Cheese Grill a million times but never sat inside the bus…considering my Australian husband never took a big yellow bus to school, I had to give him the experience, right? Killer ceiling mural don’t you agree…? That being said I think they’re using shitty cheese these days so I wasn’t as thrilled, but Dan did love his greasy burger (the bun? two grilled cheese sammies, of course)

It’s been crazy cold out as we didn’t get that gentle changing of the seasons this year in Portland, and I’m already missing the autumn leaves. Then again my husband is thrilled to be able to wear his big wool coat and new black wool beanie I got him, so hey, someone’s happy…

This week our guanciale finished curing ahead of schedule and yum YUM yum. For those not familiar, this is Italian-cured pork cheek, which came from Dan’s piggy he got during his Charcuterie Camp experience a few weeks back. See how it goes from meat to pure jowl-y fat? Kinda beautiful in its own way…

But the best part of the week? Going downtown to see Hillary Clinton speak! After checking out the tree at Pioneer Courthouse Square, we grabbed our good seats in the orchestra section at the Schnitz (where I’d seen Love and Rockets almost 30 years ago ironically, haha). The icing? About 10 minutes before she came out we heard the AWESOME news of Doug Jones’ win in Alabama so it was an extra special celebration of women last night! Hillary of course was awesome and funny and smart and thoughtful, her interviewer from the New York Times was a riot, I was in grateful tears, we were all in “hell yeah” mode, and left inspired to keep going No. Matter.What.


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