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Oh hell yeah! In a “there’s nothing in the house” whining moment, we realized we have a crap ton of duck eggs and semolina, and that with a pinch of salt meant Dan made us homemade pasta and I grabbed the rest of the chopped bacon from the freezer, mixed it with the last bits of sundried tomatoes from this year (argh! running out of these in November is so NOT cool…we’ve already run out of marinara and are on our last two quarts of chopped tomatoes..insert big annoyed sigh here…) and some dried marjoram from our front yard’s harvest this fall, with a good dash of olive oil next to a handful of spinach and homemade balsamic vinaigrette? Oh hell yeah! My only question is, what took us THIS long to do such an easy dinner?!!!!

This is Wonder Woman, the 2 year old piggy I met on Division after coming out of an appointment. Strangely I’d been chatting with a couple of baristas across the street just an hour earlier about keeping pigs in the city, so at first, clearly, I thought the caffeine may have gotten to me. Fortunately the owner came out and introduced me to her and we briefly chatted about more unusual pets in the city, including the miniature horse that often stops by my husband’s store. I know, I know, only in Portland, right? But I love how there are rescue animals of all types here, and I can tell you, she loved pets and I loved giving her pets just as much as any pup. Uh-oh…

10 days to go! Yesterday I finally got my e-tickets emailed to me to see Hillary Clinton on the 12th. And yeah, I’m already thinking about what I’m going to wear. Husband is even reading her autobiography as I try to get through What Happened (I have to admit, what happened was so awful I avoided reading it for quite a while but I need to support HRC and so have bitten the bullet). I am stunned that it’s been over a year now since that nauseating day. I still remember the visceral feeling in my gut as we left the election night party at the Convention Center, running into some old friends and just hugging in dismay at how fucked things were. The only thing that was even half this bad was on 9/11 when I saw the planes hitting the towers and just thought, how much do you want to bet GWB is going to use this to start a war (and I was right). Anyone living in a Republican state can see that the Senate does not give two shits about women or anyone non-wealthy, as proven by the passage of the tax “reform” that, if passed by the House, will be the financial nail in the coffin for the majority of people out there. Don’t think it’s all that bad? The UN is investigating the issue of extreme poverty in…America. Yes, that’s right. More aid was given to HAITI than has been given to Puerto Rico, which #45 and his Republican cronies are hell bent on letting the people there die. It’s a weird time to be in the naturalization process for my husband (whoever thought Malcolm Turnbull would come out looking better than Trump on the world stage?) to put it mildly. I need to see Hillary Clinton and I need to see the reminder that while the Electoral College rule kept her from becoming POTUS even though she won the popular vote by millions, that we can survive this, that we can continue to push for change, that this cannot possibly be the end of the line, that we’ve only just begun.


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