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Something my husband and I always have enjoyed is wandering through community gardens. The gate was open when we were out in Southeast today for an appointment so we did a quick wander around the Sewallcrest Community Garden which is of course practically silent now that we are deep into autumn, but being a sucker for transforming garden sheds and other structures into works of art (for me thus far it’s been all about decorating my rain barrels – pix of them can be seen here, here, and here) that complement the surroundings, I loved the garden shed! I told Dan though that nothing can really compare to the Veg Out gardens in his former Australian stomping grounds of St Kilda, something we are inspired by for our next garden endeavor…


Not something you spot every day when you pull into a parking spot, now is it?

Monday was gorgeous so Dan drove us out to the coast for the day to go visit the spot at Short Sands where, in the forest, we said our vows back in 2014. I’ve been struggling a lot lately so it was nice to get back to the place where we kicked off the journey as husband and wife. We stopped at Manzanita to let our dog get some nice ocean air, as she can no longer make the walk down to Short Sands, but she only could do about 5-10 minutes, our poor girl (and no we’re not starving her, she’s in the last stages of Cushing’s Disease and no longer is able absorb nutrients so she’s become skin and bones). So we just have been keeping her comfortable. We abhor the term “fur baby” by the way, but our sweet girl Ruby is part of our family and we are grateful for every day we’ve had with her over these past three years since adopting her.

While we were on the coast, we drove up to Astoria to meet with a local home builder, who we really like and assuming references work out, will most likely work with them when we find our little piece of dirt. Just for kicks we looked at some of the gorgeous old homes for sale right in the city (I have no desire to live on a hill, but as you can see the views are kinda gorgeous of the river and bridge, and get even better than this), and an Italian-inspired early 20th century home (not pictured) was one we were going to check out, until we looked across the street and saw the fucking “Doll Asylum”. If you look up close you’ll see dolls all over the lawn, patio, etc. And you know that means Halloween is a fucking nightmare for their neighbors. The people who are obsessed with The Goonies already terrorize the folks who own that house in Astoria (I cannot imagine having the gall to take a selfie in front of a stranger’s private home simply because it used to be in a movie, the rudeness is repulsive), and so yeah, we’re looking forward to finding our quiet spot a bit further out 🙂 While we were out there we did a lot of driving around to figure out where the good cell phone reception neighborhoods were, as Astoria does not have a ton of areas outside the city with good reception & internet, so this was worth it, and we have definitely found a target area we want to focus on, yay! The little things that make the sun shine? I’ll take ’em.


“And I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise.” – from Cast Away


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