Week in Pictures

Two images taken from the barn, within 5 minutes of each other, as the weather went from sunny to awesome dramatic clouds to a heavy downpour then a rainbow for a brief time, right over us…then shortly thereafter the sun returned. I love living at the coast. I can’t imagine going back to our old house in the city where this photograph would be marred by power poles and cars. Peaceful sigh…

June is all about the roses, but there are others stealing the show as well! Cistus, dogwood, sage, foxglove, and even sedums are all doing really well out here along with the 15 or so rose bushes we have (about 80% are ones we brought over from Portland, but there were some gorgeous ones here waiting for us including the 7’+ tall white rose bush outside the back door. Now just crossing our fingers that the local deer continue to respect the stinky spray around everything and keep away!

I don’t have oodles to report this week but will say that we are always grateful that during all this year’s craziness, our sweet girl Lucky is by our side, giving us comfort and cuteness during long walks, car rides, playing out in the yard, and of course her infamous 12-hour naps 🙂


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