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From the 99% zone, we got a kick out of the eclipse. Nothing like folks an hour or so south of us where hundreds of thousands gathered, but we did see the sky go into sudden dusk mode, street and store lights turn on, shadows go from clear to fuzzy (I didn’t notice any ‘snake shadows’ but I didn’t know to look for them…), and of course spotted a pretty awesome eclipse through our solar shades. Met up with my husband at his work and fortunately at the last minute they let everyone walk out onto the sidewalk where the rest of the world was also enjoying these 15-20 minutes of a genuinely unique experience. I was alive in the last one back in 1979, but honestly, at age 5, I have no memory of it. This was kinda rad.


Canned many quarts of my favorite homemade serrano peach salsa! The tomatoes are slow to turn but finally we got enough, along with finishing out our weak-ass onion crop (thanks to the ducks for eating half of them which kept them from growing past golf ball size, argh!) and – ol’ reliable – serrano peppers. Go figure that these are my hardiest plant, never failing to give me a ton year after year.


We ooh’d and ahh’d this gorgeous street art on this building in Inner SE near the Urban Farm Store while walking around waiting for our oil to get changed. Yay for beautification of otherwise drab buildings!

Netflix Marathon #1: The Killing. LOVED every second of it, and probably the only show where I was *truly* satisfied by the finale. Highly recommend. Still can’t believe Holder is the guy running against Underwood in House of Cards. Great acting. My husband has a big crush on Mireille Enos too (who, by the way, is married to Cameron from Ferris Bueller, yeah!). Netflix Marathon #2: The Fall, which started out great and took a hell of a long time to finish up, but I thought Gillian Anderson was magnificent throughout even if the storyline slowed to a snail’s pace. Her feminism was fantastic and badass, with one of the best parts being when she quoted Margaret Atwood, “A woman, I forget who, once asked a male friend why men felt threatened by women. He replied that they were afraid that women might laugh at them. When she asked a group of women why women felt threatened by men. they said, We’re afraid they might kill us.” And now that I’ve finished marathon-ing, I’ve got my calendar set for October 5th and the debut of the final season of Scandal. By far the most addictive show I’ve every watched, the only one I can even compare would be Lost for sheer “don’t you fucking call my phone while I’m watching my show, babe” . Liv, we’re gonna miss you!


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