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the heat wave is over!!! the inside of my car is normal, the bees have stopped bearding outside the hive to cool off, and summer is back to its regularly scheduled programming…yayyy!

August is in full swing and the gladiolas are finishing up, the cardoons – which after a 3′ year last year are now well over 7′ tall – are blooming like crazy, much to the delight of bumblebees and honeybees alike!


We may not have found a little spot of land yet, but we did make a friend in the field of one house 🙂

Well we now have multiple ducks producing! Cocoa is the queen, and we found her hiding spot under their ramp (she’s little so she squeezes under there and we realized the other morning when she was slow to come out that she was a bit broody…and found six eggs under where she’d emerged from! We know Betty laid the one darker egg from the Cayuga info we read,, but are cracking up at the number of twin yolks (those six in the picture came from 4 eggs) which I read can be common with new layers (all those hormones!! wheee!!), so everytime we get a particularly large egg we a) feel bad for the duck who laid it, and b) hope we are getting two for the price of one! We’re up to 1-2 per day, so I think we’ve officially bought our last eggs from the store. Yay!

Along with my follow-up breast thermography that showed 3 months post-IVF my heat/inflammation has cooled down considerably to low-risk levels, my thermographer also took an extra shot of my lower back like she’d done back in May so we could see how that’s improved. As you can see on the left “before” shot, my lower back was still in hell with the pain radiating to the right side, and now in the right “after” shot, things have improved immensely. I’m still not completely healed, but it’s SO much better. Sunday morning we even took a 10 minute bike ride for the first time post-vitrectomy, and tomorrow we’re planning to try to go for a bit longer to get my strength up again since my back no longer hurts on a bike. It’s been a hell of a 9 month period getting my back healed but it has been happening with no surgery (yay!) and has really taught me a lot about my core (far beyond what they tell you at the gym or in yoga) not to mention how much I value this area of my body that affects, well, everything. I’m not cured yet as long drives are tough and standing in one place for too long brings pain (along with being in flip flops or barefoot, argh), but it’s 10X better than before.

Little Miss Sunshine enjoying the cooler weather (low 80s) while I work in the garden.

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