Week in Pictures

Glasses on (a few days left til I can wear contacts, yay!), I’m trying to live these words. (BTW, thanks to the return of Gabrielle Union and Being Mary Jane on Netflix, I’m thinking about inspirational quotes like this again…did I mention she’s been struggling with infertility for years?). I’m impatient for my vision to return to normal in my right eye (which it probably won’t – I’ll have to have an eye exam at the end of the summer to get a new scrip for my right eye, sigh…but I can tell thus far? With my glasses on, I’m now FARsighted rather than nearsighted – weird weird weird).

Orange echinacea, our first sunflower of the season, dahlias and gladiolas, four types of fuschias going nuts, yellow curry, and sea holly. Yay July!


Trying to remember why I bought a dehydrator when this way of drying herbs is still FREE (and faster!) – tarragon and parsley from the garden on cookie sheets in the back window of the car on a hot day? It works, y’all…and doesn’t waste energy or heat up the house!

Our gals (Blondie not pictured, my shots of her went out of focus and I’m too lazy to re-shoot) are full-grown and definitely have their routine. 6AM: quack loudly while I’m still in bed. 7AM: I let them out of their run (because their run is fully secured, we leave the door to their coop open so they can waddle around the run and eat breakfast before being let out to free range) and they come barreling out, sometimes jumping a foot or so in their weak-ass attempts to fly. 8AM: By this time, I’ve caught Ethel (our Blue Swedish in the big photo here – she’s really got some great color, don’t you think?) fucking around in the green bean/cuke bed, nipping at the leaves, after already having nibbled off the tops of at least 10 onions in the bed (will they still grow if the tops have been eaten off to 1-2″? We shall see.), and either put them all back in the run for an hour so I can get some work done without losing any more veggies, or sit out in the sun with them if it’s not too hot and watch them (something so relaxing about it!) with the Jet setting of the hose to spray on her if she approaches the bed again. We’ve realized that Cocoa is the quiet dictator (she ALWAYS gets first swim) and Ethel is the bouncer (rarely swims, just yells a lot and occasionally tries to threaten Ruby when she gets too close), with Betty and Blondie being lower on the scale (nothing like seeing little Cocoa standing on top of Blondie to get into the water and seeing Blondie just lower herself and take it – so weird. I guess it’s dominant behavior from what I’ve read, hmph.). 11AM: They’ve started off on their series of naps that they’ll take on and off from about 11-4, in various areas of the yard (today they were hiding very well behind the echinacea plants, only their little quiet “talking” gave them away) which is great as I can leave them out of their run without worrying about them raising hell when I go meet a client or just need to get some work done. 5PM: As we’ve not had them in winter yet, thus far in the nice weather we eat out on the patio in the backyard and they are wandering around, usually crowded around the red watering can trying to get sips as I leave water in it for them to play in even though they’ve got a tub to swim in (they’re obsessed!). 8PM: We put them to bed just before dusk, which usually means waking them from their nap spot under the chaise lounges and doing the “Frankenstein walk” (arms outspread – they rarely move beyond where the scary arm perimeter, we discovered by accident) to corral them into the run as they quack grumpily. Heh. Gotta love it.

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