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Absolutely no regrets choosing general over local anesthesia for the vitrectomy. I may gasp at the bill, but the horror of knowing THIS is what they did is plenty for me. Headed to the doctor again for another checkup this morning to see what he thinks of my progress, but I can say I’m optimistic as the “horizon” (where the gas bubble is starting to diminish and regular sight is returning) thus far is about 25% and so I’m hoping within a week or two my vision will be close to returned. Not having good depth perception and reaching for things inches from where they really are is not fun, not to mention the daily headaches, sensitivity to sun and any type of busy environment (lesson learned: don’t go to the grocery store, the fluorescent lights and colors are too much, I literally had to be head down when Dan took me in there as I’d begged him for a walk to get some fresh air. Yeah, I know, I sound like a dog.).


Vegetarians, look away! But really, who knew lardo could look so good? Husband took over most of the photography for this week’s post so here’s what he’s been working on, using the leftover pork fat to make into lardo. I’m not a big fan of it but he loves it and I do dig that we use every part of the pig we get!


The day before the surgery clusterfuck we were in Bandon. Oh what a good place for us. Ruby couldn’t walk far but we all inhaled and exhaled deeply. Yay Bandon.


Now THIS made my day – Dan took this closeup of our bees in our Flow Hive (brilliant design having this window to peek in without disturbing them!)!!! As you can see they are definitely hard at work and filling in the spaces with honey so we’re hoping in a month or so we’ll be able to harvest a jar or two. SO awesome! Last year we focused on building up the hive population and letting them snack on their existing comb (and more supplements) over the winter which we are so glad they did as the hive looks fantastic and it will allow us to have honey while also leaving lots of reserves for them. Dan’s already talking more hives…love it.

First canning of the season began yesterday, as on Wednesday we went over to the Kenton Farmer’s Market in North Portland (literally only 6 booths but hey, there were greens, cheese, meat, berries, veg, and a duet playing Jimmie Rodgers tunes so we were good) and picked up 2 flats of strawberries from the sustainable folks at Valley Berry Farms out of Molalla. Being one-eyed and dizzy if I walk too fast, not to mention my shitty depth perception, I have to hold Dan’s arm if we go anywhere and wear dark sunglasses to protect my eyes, but it was good to get out. That night while he watched a documentary (I can’t watch TV, hurts my eyes for some reason), I beheaded the berries and the next morning, we made three kinds of jam (strawberry rose petal with vanilla, strawberry balsamic black pepper, and a couple of plain strawberry jams to boot) using new recipes (last year I did a bunch of strawberry jams with honey and they were soupy so I am glad I changed over. I also froze a gallon of them for future use, made strawberry rhubarb hand pies, and have a bunch in the new dehydrator as we speak. Whew!

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