Week in Pictures

More flowers coming into bloom in our front garden, from our irises to our first rose to more alliums and the clematis climbing up the trellis on the fence. Always a good thing to see things coming up even with a shitty winter and a spring that seems to be dragging on endlessly with more rain than sun (so much so that our cistern overflowed out the back just after we’d removed some plastic we’d had on the ground behind it, which meant it soaked the ground so much that our basement started to flood. suh-weet!). But the weather folks say it’s supposed to get into the 70s this week and that’d be just dandy if that actually happens.


And on an uplifting note, my PT and I had a very good session this week, where she got me to take a risk and get into the “cat” of cat/cow pose (starting at the base of the spine rather than just lifting your ribs up like many folks do, to make it a deliberate stretch) and a modified child’s pose. Being able to do at least a couple of basic yoga moves in their entirety (beyond savasana) is really a victorious feeling, and this along with getting my hamstrings stretched out (imagine if you’ve not bent over for 5+ months and how tight the hammies get…), gives me hope that now, post-SHTF (shit hitting the fan) maybe I will heal.


Along with the lower back shot I shared in an earlier post, this is my upper back where you can see that a bit of tension is in my middle back and a LOT is in my neck (my favorite place to hold my tension along with my gut). But hey, my shoulder blades and upper arms look rad, don’t they? 🙂

And I’m in the process of learning to make bacon! Husband has been the avid student for the most part in meat curing, but I really was digging this applestroop bacon recipe (bacon cured in paprika, juniper berries, pink curing salt and homemade apple butter? yes please!) so I decided to try my hand at it myself, and asked Dan to bring home a mass of pork belly from his work (yay for discounts on good quality meat!) and it’s quietly curing in the fridge as we speak, and will be ready to cook up tomorrow and take with us on our holiday. Can’t wait!!!


And yes, our anniversary is approaching and that means our long awaited trip to Wallowa Lake at this Airbnb. Hallelujah! I’ve no interest anymore in going to places where I can’t cook and have to rely on restaurants, so we got this gorgeous condo right on the lake with a big fireplace and tons of great views from multiple rooms, so we can veg out, do whatever, for a week. As my husband likes to say, Noice. Now let’s hope this TENS unit makes the drive bearable for moi as this is our first holiday in almost 2 years! 🙂

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