Week in Pictures

It all went so fast and my other neighbor who took pictures as well can’t seem to find them on her phone but I snapped a couple of our first turkey butchering event! Our neighbor raises heritage turkeys and came over and showed us how to kill and butcher it (sorry y’all, the verb ‘process’ for this has never been my favorite, let’s call what we’re doing by words that don’t soften what is really going on, as we are taking the life of an animal for our consumption and in my opinion need to own that with not only our actions but our words). This is our “sausage and lunchmeat” bird as this girl came in at only around 8 lbs after being skinned & gutted (we didn’t have any interest in the skin, sorry…amazingly our dog had no interest in the organs either!), so after chilling this girl in the fridge for a few hours, Dan got out the grinder and I gathered the seasonings and we made a super easy maple apple turkey sausage with 100% dark meat (my fave) along with a fancier tart cherry sausage in our Ruhlman Charcuterie book that combined pork fat with the dark turkey meat and used everything from cloves to ginger to the dried cherries (amen for the bulk aisle to keep it cheap!). He stuffed those fancy ones and then I used the rest of the breast meat to start on a turkey pastrami recipe that I’d been eyeing for a while after having a seriously good sammie with it a couple years ago.


Getting Lucky ‘off campus’ every once in a while to get used to going on public hiking trails with us, this time nearby at the national park along the Netul Trail. She is 100% a nose-to-the-ground dog on hikes, obsessed with smells, very little interest in enjoying the scenery, and clearly not psyched about looking into the camera 🙂

A much needed “self care” mini-weekend trip for myself into the city, where I did everything I wanted to do and nothing I didn’t: two solid hours in the chair of my esthetician/reiki goddess, Heidi, desperately needed trip to a halfway decent sushi bar, wandering time around four different GOOD nurseries looking for garden goodies (all around the world, from the Carolina Allspice to the Russian Sage to the Japanese rose and more), record store shopping (Stevie Wonder, oh yeah baby!), long lazy dinner with a girlfriend involving cocktails, pasta, and more cocktails, falling asleep in a semi-posh hotel room with the TV on (something reserved just for holidays as we never keep a television in our bedroom), picking up a few THC/CBD edibles for myself, the husband, and even one for our pup’s arthritis, a much needed hour on the therapy couch with the coolest shrink ever, a slice of cheese pizza from the place I’ve been going to since junior high, and of course, my iPod up very, very loud playing all my favorite tunes the whole drive back home to the North Coast. Don’t understand why solo trips are a thing for some of us married folks? Read this and understand that it’s a GOOD thing! Your entire life does NOT have to be attached at the hip once he puts a ring on it, gals – and it is so good at reminding us of our true selves, one not identified by anyone else. Amen.

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