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homemade croissants in 26 easy steps, eaten in…one day.


Just kicked off this book by Brene Brown. Needless to say I will eventually need to get back up, but I’m going to need some serious help after this fucked up month. Amen for massage and therapy.

The garden is slowly but surely starting to shape up, with the spinach finally ready for first round of harvesting. Due to our slick little Gang of Four and their appetite for destruction, I’m growing a bunch of sunflowers into fairly tall starts for the back yard so that they don’t get munched or trampled by the eight webbed feet. Also no more pots at duck’s eye level which is why the chives are now on the table along with the seed starting efforts. Have now sown leeks, okra, bush beans, more carrots, basil (on heat under the basement grow lights), so just waiting for the weather to warm up at the end of May so the tomatoes and pepper starts in the basement can go out and do their thing. Other than that, the lilac tree is in full bloom and the California lilac (ceanothus) bush is looking great (the girls like to attack that as well but it’s big enough that we don’t care). We had one gorgeous sunny day and the ducks took full advantage, swimming so much, like they were training for an event 🙂


New favorite quote. Hugely grateful for my massage therapist who took such good care of me on Sunday night. One step at a time.


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