Week in Pictures

Our trilliums are coming up, our white tulips are going nuts, and my husband picked me a gorgeous bouquet as well! I love Spring!

HahaHAAAAA. Jesus Fucking Jelly Beans. Too awesome not to buy at Walgreen’s. My husband got his first ever Easter basket from me and I filled it full of the cheesiest things, from the chicken that squawks and lets out a candy from it’s arse, to the chocolate bunny he could eat the head off, to these ridiculously awful jelly beans. I’m agnostic, my husband is athiest, so we are constantly amazed at what kind of crap is out there like this (anyone see the recent NY Times interview with former President Jimmy Carter where he says that because of his scientific background he doesn’t believe the garbage about the universe being created in a week but he DOES believe in the virgin birth? What. The. Fuck. You want to believe that there’s an all-knowing spirit, that’s totally cool, but a lot of those stories in the Bible are utter bullshit and to say you believe in science but because of your religion you’ll ignore science to fit that religion’s rules? Massive eye roll. Massive.). Anyhoo, so we also dyed some eggs to celebrate the Spring, using natural dyes, and this is how they turned out (evil grinning one is my husband’s work). Noice!

And yes, every day I go out there and watch the ladies, who are now six weeks old, and particularly – like a new mum – watching them sleep. They are obsessed with run-waddling over to the watering can (past their bucket pool) and jamming their heads in it, and as of this morning, have taken to cuddling up on the stone patio outside the back door. Needless to say I’m not barefoot.

Ruby is pretty much ignoring them but as we take a seat out there to watch them, she comes and sits next to me, and when they overreach – like trying to stretch to snack out of the (tall) pots of chives or green onions – and I shoo them away? She actually kind of acts like a herding dog and scoots right over there to herd them away. Now if I could just leave her out there to keep those little shits away from our bee balm (since the temporary fences I bought to surround certain plants with are actually too big and therefore they just stick their heads right through them)…and off the back porch welcome mat since today they decided to snuggle all up on that then leave some terds there too 🙂


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