Week in Pictures

Not exciting to some but for us, two new ceiling light fixtures are AWESOME!!! If you buy a house and nearly every single one is a pull-chain “nipple light”, finally finding a way to replace them with normal fixtures is a mega celebration. Even better? Doing it WITHOUT busting open the walls to update the wiring!!! We did a lot of homework and found that there is one brand of remote switch that is worth every penny. Basically, it’s a little box that fits up in the wiring box (no easy task, but worth it!) that connects to the light fixture you’re installing and has an antenna that sends a signal to a light switch that you basically just attach to wherever you want on a nearby wall with double-stick tape. BAM! We now have two groovy new lights. The one on the left is from Target and is our hallway light, using an Edison bulb for warmth and a retro feel, and the one on the right is from West Elm for our breakfast nook in the kitchen, with a CFL bulb for good reading light (we love our Sunday New York Times subscription!). Yes, the remotes cost $100 each but if you look at the hourly rate of getting an electrician in? It’s a (relative) steal.


And while baby announcements aren’t exactly my jam for the most part, this one is as it is my cousin’s new little girl, Sutton, born last week, literally flying out of her mum after just 2 1/2 hours of labor. My cousin also suffered a devastating miscarriage over a year ago and so this was a nerve-wracking pregnancy that I am thrilled to see has turned into an adorable little addition to the family. Being knee-deep in IVF hormones means I first balled when I saw these as her arrival was 10 days after our own due date, but then got my act together and smiled. After all, she deserves it and hell, I could use some good news – if this is a sign of good things to come, even better!!

Our ducklings at 2 1/2 weeks had their second swim, this time via a bathtub made from our wheelbarrow which made much more sense…and boy oh boy within minutes they went from freaking out to partying in it! Funniest thing ever!! Along with that, Ruby is getting quite used to their little squeaks, cheeps, and – oh so rarely, but it’s starting – attempts at quacks, and loves to come in the garage with me and sit right by their brooder. Even when I go outside to grab some herbs or dandelions for snacks, she prefers to stay inside and keep watch over them. Later this week we let them check out their run and will let her watch them from outside. Should be interesting 🙂

And while temperatures here in the Willamette Valley are still below normal, spring IS “springing” finally in the garden (next weeks I should have some decent tulip pix to show off!). Clockwise from top left: red flowering currant (native), rosemary (bees adore!), last round of daffodils, rhubarb (we divided our plant this year into three and have incorporated it into the front yard as edible shrubbery), and salmonberry (another native).


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