Week in Pictures


Nothing quite like the near-instant gratification of growing greens to give you hope that you are indeed a gardener. Every year I’m paranoid nothing will grow, no matter how long I do this. The spinach is happy, and butterhead lettuce seeds were sowed a week ago, ahhh…

Ruby was obsessing about getting into the car when we got a surprise burst of sunshine, so I took her for a ride down to the St John’s Bridge and walked around for a wee bit. With all the rain, the river has flooded and you can see how the water has come up onto the grass where we’d normally walk. Crazy! Ruby in her old age could only walk for about 10 minutes at a very slow pace, but she liked getting a bit mucky and seeing other dogs and kiddos enjoying the day…as did I!


The ladies are growing like crazy! Watching them grow is kind of amazing, but we’ve got our rhythm down in the mornings, getting them into their “motel” as I call it (the wooden box to stand in while we change out their brooder towel, which by the way has been so much more absorbent than the straw to use while they are still in the house stinking up the joint). They just turned 2 weeks old, and Ethel (the dark one on the right with the white neck) continues to be the ringleader, with her latest trick being to watch me like a hawk and walk around the perimeter of their brooder and then suddenly leap into the air in a desperate attempt to get out. Heh. There’s a real Jurassic Park element to her (remember the dinosaurs testing out the electric fences looking for weaknesses?)…so I put a spare piece of hardware cloth on the top of the brooder to be safe. 🙂 They are eating up a storm, thrilled at every time I bring them a handful of chopped up herbs to dive for in their water dish, and after I gave them a few muddy dirt clumps yesterday, they showed me how they can stamp their feet in the miniature puddles they created (turns out they do this when they’re outside to try to scare up worms to the surface…amazing how they know this stuff instinctively), it’s so funny. Starting next week, they will spend their days outside in their sweet new duck run so they can stretch their legs and get used to their new digs (it’s supposed to be in the upper 50’s, yay!), and at night they’ll be in the bigger makeshift brooder in the garage I built for them (out of a pallet, scrap wood for the skeleton, and a tarp base & walls for easy hosing-out!), as I’m not feeling safe enough having their heat lamp in the coop. This could change though, we’ll see how the nights warm up (and how tired we get of moving them to the garage each night, heh).


Absolutely love The Mindfulness App on my phone – and I’ve now graduated up to 15 minute guided meditations each day (I started out with 5 and still do those occasionally as quickie-chill-out). It does wonders for my mental and physical, both with my herniated disc pain and prepping for this final IVF attempt. This and the fertility meditations I’ve mentioned before – awesome.


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