Week in Pictures

Well we are getting closer to Duckville! As you can see, it looks a bit Dr. Seuss-like with it’s crookedness and hey, it’s the first time we’ve built a door so things match up as best as they can, heh, but it is keeping fairly dry all things considered. Still have some detail work, but otherwise, our big goal now is to get the enclosure built. As I mentioned in an earlier post, their house is all made of repurposed wood – the only things new we’ve bought were the hardware cloth and the stick-on tiles on the floor which were 37 cents each (now covered with a nice layer of straw from the nursery 4 blocks away, yay!). A gift card from Amazon paid for the waterer, but the feeder is DIY (YouTube!). One month to go and this weekend we found out that a local nonprofit garden 1/2 a block away was abandoned when the property sold (for more apartments to ugly up the street as Portland becomes more and more insanely expensive, ugh), so we “liberated” a rad hardware-clothed screen door and greenhouse roofing which we’ll use for the enclosure, and other goodies like coffee sacks, giant pots, and more. Repurposing ROCKS.

Things that make me incredibly happy at this time of year? Big fat bellied red-breast robins all over the place…buds of tulips, daffodils and crocuses popping up everywhere with the promise that yes, there will be flowers…planting shell peas (’cause it’s almost President’s Day!)…a new AWESOME garden journal made by local farm gals (and even printed here in Oregon, NOT in China, woo hoo!) that is much more intuitive and simple than the last one I had that was all too scientific for moi (on this one I just put the temp/weather, and what I did garden-wise, bam!)…and while they’re not pictured, I am thrilled to report our honeybees are doing their happy dance outside the hive this weekend with this sunshine and these lovely low 50’s temps! Rock n roll!

Our sweet girl Ruby is still with us, something in the area of 12-13 years old, pot-bellied and thin-haired from the ravages of Cushings, but still happy to get her sweet potato chewie once a month (she loves it but we pay the price in dog farts as she literally gnaws and passes gas at the same time, ugh!). She thought she’d bring this outside then realized while sunny today, the ground was still wet, so she just walked around like this for a bit til I convinced her to come inside 🙂

And with the nights still very cool, there’s nothing like a warm bowl of your favorite comfort food! My absolute favorite is basil shrimp orzo, tossed with green onions and feta and olive oil and a little bit of lemon and pepper then tossed in the oven for 20 minutes to get nice and perfect…YUM.


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