Week in Pictures

Did I mention we made our first snowman together in this lovely snow? Dan did the heavy lifting andI gave him some Australian flair with Dan’s Magpie scarf, and since there was no spare hat, I gave him a mohawk out of rosemary sprigs 🙂

Ruby definitely showed us her independent streak in this snow. We’d just be standing there looking out at the neighborhood from the deck and suddenly she was across the street visiting with a passerby getting some scratches behind the ear. “Who, me?”

This week I finally made cheese for the first time! Thanks to the Urban Cheesecraft cheesemaking kit my honey gave me for Xmas, making farmer’s cheese with some locally made whole milk by Garry’s Meadow Fresh, which is still sold in the glass bottles. [A few years ago I tried making goat’s milk ricotta on the stove, not knowing that the gallon I’d bought was ultra pasteurized, which means you can’t do shit with it. After 16 hours on the stove I had to toss it out, argh! So this time I learned my lesson, buying regular pasteurized milk (you have to get a dairy CSA to get raw milk here in Oregon, and we’re not huge dairy consumers in the first place – being almond milk drinkers – so we instead use my husband’s discount to get the Garry’s stuff that’s awesome!]. I added some salt and tarragon to it and it was lovely!

A bit of street art in the city snapped before the snow hit.

For the fight against extremism and intolerance and sectarianism and chauvinism are of a piece with the fight against authoritarianism and nationalist aggression.” I wept watching our wonderful President’s farewell address. He has done so much for our country to move us forward, from social justice to the economy to the environment to healthcare to international relations, and so, SO much more. I am deeply grateful to have borne witness to his presidency, and while my anxiety is tremendous about the upcoming four years, I am more committed to increasing my work in the community. And that love for his family? Equally beautiful. That’s love.

And now that the snow’s arrived? Check out what’s up at our local zoo…I’m not a big zoo fan but how do you not love watching the animals delight in the massive amount of snow? It’s pretty awesome…

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