Week in Pictures

A nice sunny November day meant a chance to wander around the backyard garden and pay attention to the last bits of color. Clockwise from top left: our beautyberry bush is in full beauty mode; our new orange cigar plant (bat faced cuphea) planted this year is still in bloom; the honeybees were taking a few runs in the sunshine but for the most part are all cuddled up inside the hive; daikon radish seeds just planted a few weeks ago have sprouted from the ground (we have never eaten them, just let them go to flower as they are soooo pretty!); after dumping out the contents of our compost bin into one of the beds for next year’s tomatoes, we cover it up with an old jute rug we keep rolled up in the garage to keep the critters from tearing it up and let it turn into that awesome black gold; first year native snowberries adding some texture; garlic cloves recently planted are already sprouting; and finally, the last of the fuschias blooming, love this new color combination!

Now that we’ve had our kitchen DIY done for a whole 3 days of course “what’s next?” was uttered soon after, and while Gigantor DIY Projects are not of any interest, we are building a towel rack from leftover scrap wood, inspired by this Shanty 2 Chic how-to. Ours will hold 3 towels instead of 2 (since one’s always hanging on the hook) and stained espresso to match our bathroom that we remodeled last year.

And here we are, Thanksgiving week. It’s our third one as a married couple, as the year before when we were still dating, I was literally on a plane to Melbourne for a month in Australia with him (let me tell you it’s a great day to travel, not a lot of Americans flying out of the country on that day so there is way more room to stretch out). Dan & I try to do something different each year, and so of course his first year living in America, we did mega-crazy-amount-offood-traditional-Thanksgiving which blew his mind, and then last year we did the complete opposite and went for a hike. This year? A kickass meal again (but not as insanely ambitious as 2014!), but this time without turkey which, frankly, I could always take or leave. We stood at the meat counter at his store and instantly zoned in on the same thing: Baby Back Ribs (insert drool). So we’re all over the soul food thing this year with ribs, my infamous homemade mac ‘n’ cheese, greens, cornbread, candied yams and for dessert, blueberry pie and apple bourbon bread pudding. And wine – lots and lots of WINE! (No period still, so IVF ladies I’m drinking for you! Cheers!)

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