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Spring is truly here! Went for a walk at Fort Stevens and found ourselves surrounded by blooming skunk cabbages! A native Oregonian, I have seen these in almost every season…except spring!!! So it was really a beautiful surprise and Husband was sweet enough to climb through the brush to capture this photo for me 🙂


I wish I could say it was all going well with the introduction of the new puppy, but we learned very quickly that our 12 year old girl Lucky was just not going to be a good long term fit for such an active puppy who was clearly driving her crazy and using up all of her energy and more by morning. When Lucky wanted to sleep, Leo was just getting started and we found our girl was not only grumpy by the afternoon but seriously hurting physically from running after him, and by evening needed serious coaxing to get her to come upstairs with us to her bed. Along with that, we realized that Leo truly needs to be on a WORKING farm, not simply a 5 acre space with a garden and ducks, where for at least a year would go by before he could be left off-leash (as we only have pasture fencing everywhere except the garden), and where his incredible need to be mentally stimulated would not be fulfilled when Mama (that be me) needed to go indoors to get some serious work done for several hours at a time. Fortunately, the people we got him from were incredibly understanding and gave us our money back, and in turn we gave their name to two people who were interested in getting that type of pup. We had to rip the bandaid off fast as I cried repeatedly out of both sadness and guilt, but as a friend said, it is a good thing to admit what you cannot do, and our Lucky being our first priority, wanting to give her the best final years as her family, means that training up any kind of traditional LGD is just not going to be in our future. And that’s okay. For those who snap that “how do you think you’re going to have kids if you can’t handle a puppy?”, first of all, fuck you. Second of all, one of the things I mentioned to Dan was, if a puppy is causing so much strife with our calm, older dog, and we were to get a call from the adoption agency this year saying we were finally chosen, there’s no way we would feel right about having a puppy who would not receive the attention he deserved and training he needed, and along with that? Infants not only wear diapers, they also do not race around at 100mph chasing the dog, biting on her face and tail and chewing on the hearth. Yes, I know some will mention ‘terrible twos’ but trust me, a collie is much, much faster and a baby won’t endanger your ducks or neighbor’s chickens if outside. Along with that, we got him from a farm dog breeder and it had been just one week, so because of that there was really no harm, no foul. He literally RAN out of the car to his father and they were immediately running around the massive farm without as much as a look-back at us. And our Lucky? She slept soundly for the first time in a week, and a couple days later, her limps are fading and our shelter dog (and us) are back to the quiet life on the farm that we are embracing until that someday finally comes when we are selected by a birth mother. Amen to that.

On a more positive note, Miss Lucky had her first road trip as we went to Portland to mix business with pleasure. When we go to ‘da big smoke’ as Husband calls it, it’s always a crazy list of stuff to do from running errands to making sure we get food we can’t get on the North Coast to doing something fun you just don’t get in a town of 9,000-ish folks! Started out with seeing one of my dance heroes, Savion Glover, perform at the Schnitz in his All Funk’d Up tour where I’d gotten us 2nd row center seats to see those amazing feet of his creating magic on the floor (always a funny thing going there, as I’ve seen everyone from Love and Rockets to Maya Angelou to Dance Theatre of Harlem to Hillary Clinton in this great big beautiful concert hall).  Happily Dan enjoyed this show thoroughly as well – it didn’t put him to tears like it did me (once a dancer, always a dancer) but he was definitely grooving with the band and the amazing moves of Glover and his two proteges. Miss Lucky stayed in the car obviously (we don’t leave a shelter dog alone in a hotel room, she’s much more comfortable cuddled up in the back seat where it smells familiar) but we did let her snuggle with us on the bed for about an hour in the morning (we’re not ones for letting bed-hogging creatures like 70 lb pitties sleep on the bed, haha). In the morning we picked up some goodies at Garden Fever, one of my favorite nurseries, then went and picked up our two nucs of honeybees!! Of course it was crap weather for transferring them into the deeps, and with bees not being fan of clouds or rain, we put together this makeshift tarp cover and I insisted that Dan double up on the bee garments, wearing a leftover Tyvek suit under his bee coat/hood to make sure the grumpy gals would not get him. No stings and they went in like a charm, woo hoo! He already spotted the queen in the first one so in a few days he’ll go back in and check the other one to make sure she’s in place. He also had some leftover “bee cookies” made from sugar syrup just to make sure they’ve got what they need. Lots of ants right now so we’re trying cinnamon as a deterrent since the gals don’t mind but the ants do. So glad to have our hives back and running – and at double the size (and twice the honey!).

And because it was a rare opportunity, we moved around Dan’s schedule to make ANOTHER quick trip into the city to see my longtime friend and “auntie” Shirley Nanette sing her entire Never Coming Back album with the Albina Soul Revue, in its entirety, all gussied up reminding me of when I first met her at the young age of 17 and saw her perform after she became one of my personal shopping customers at Nordstrom. Good grief, almost 30 years I have known her, and I am so grateful we had her voice and humor at our wedding. Let me tell you, she SANG (click HERE for a wee bit of her amazingness). Along with that, two phenomenal local singers – Shirley’s daughter Tracey Harris and the late Janice Scroggin’s daughter Arietta Ward (I had the fortune to see Janice sing one last time with Shirley back in 2014 at the Heathman shortly before she passed, amazing on the piano as always) – joined her as backup for several songs, wowing us all. It was so much fun and wonderful to see everyone, not to mention make this into a fun double date with two friends 🙂

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