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My honey’s birthday on Sunday was all about celebrating love…and GREAT food! With his growing interest in learning the art of charcuterie, I gave him a mini-library of great books (presenting one each day up until his birthday) that give four perspectives of beautifully, respectfully, sustainably and deliciously honoring everything Pig. And for the piece de resistance? A French canvas print of Le Porc, something he’d always made googly eyes at when we would see them on restaurant walls…and which almost instantaneously found it’s place above the doorway in our kitchen after he opened it 🙂  For dinner, we had originally planned on checking out this little Cambodian place on Sandy, but after they ignored us for a good 10-15 minutes after we were seated, we left and ended up at Cabezon, an amazing seafood bistro with the best cioppino (me) and pork chop (he) could ask for – and wonderful service fit for my birthday fella. To finish it off, I made him something he’d been asking me to make for a long time, la bete noire, a dark chocolate flourless torte topped with homemade vanilla whipped cream. Pulled out all the stops for my most deserving sweetheart husband!


This week was all about canning – apple/onion/ale relish, salsa with homegrown serrano chiles, and marinara made with tomatoes and garlic, also straight from the garden. But today made me giddy – picking the first basket of peppers. Thick-fleshed orange, red and yellow bell peppers perfect for roasting and marinating, long slender Italian sweet peppers for cooking at every single meal, and evil spicy Scotch Bonnets, Habaneros, and Serranos for hot sauce and perhaps drying into powder to keep away the bulb-eaters in the garden this winter and spring 🙂 YUM.

(video link disappeared, sorry)

And catching up on my Chelsea, the awesome Patricia Arquette talked about the fact that only 3% – yes that’s THREE PERCENT – of rapists ever serve a day in jail, primarily because of untested rape kits, and the fact that women are NOT constitutionally protected by an Equal Rights Amendment (note to those reading who might not be in the know: neither the Constitution,  the 18th Amendment, nor the Civil Rights Act guaranteed equal rights for women. The Constitution was a document granting rights to white male landowners, with women and people of color considered property. The 18th Amendment technically gave women the right to vote, but Native Americans were not considered citizens in all 50 states to have this right until the middle of the century, and everyone of color dealt with massive overt discrimination preventing them from getting to the polls – to put it mildly – until the Voting Rights Act was passed in the 1960’s, which has been slowly weakened but the SCOTUS and a number of states trying to claim discrimination as a tool to prevent voter fraud. Even Scalia, who recently passed away, commented on the need for a ratified ERA.)

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