Week in Pictures

The next stage of flowers blooming is so gorgeous this year! Coneflowers (echinacea), gladiolas, lemon verbena and dahlias all are blowing us away 🙂

My girl Ruby wanted to be VERY near me as I laid out on the chaise in the garden with my sore back 🙂 She’s finally figured out that by climbing up on the other chaise when my husband is not home she can sit right next to me at the same level. Heh.

And on the other side of the garden, flowers are blooming along with veggies and herbs reaching harvest time. From top left: Cucumbers are way ahead of schedule, so I made a quick batch of garlic dill pickles for the husband; Dan next to our hulking sunflowers in the area that was once our old driveway (click HERE to see), our beehive now has a second box so they can have extra storage for winter and is surrounded by sunflowers and anise hyssop which they adore; begonia (great for the shade); and our waist-high bed that’s now growing Italian parsley, basil and leaf lettuce.


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