Week in Pictures

Before and After! After several months on and off with this DIY project (that I originally dreamed about 4 or 5 *years* ago!), we finally finished our storage bench seating for our breakfast nook!! While we are pretty minimalist, our storage space is pretty limited and there are always a few things that take up way more space AND are not as frequently used (canning equipment, roasting pan, cake pans, etc.), which have thus far been relegated to the basement.We made both benches ENTIRELY from scrap wood as well – the frame from scrap 2×4’s we had in the garage, the front and sides from old fencing, and the lids from two places: on one, we used 1×6’s that I’d grabbed from the former house next door when it was being demolished, and on the other, we went back to Kenton and got more from their pile of reclaimed Stayton barn wood (same stuff we used to make our bookshelves this spring). Dan has been getting so much into the carpentry that when I got my last recruiting gig I sprung for a belt sander for him to call his own, as while we love our local Tool Library, the garage is way more convenient for frequent projects (we’ve found the tool library most useful for those odd projects where you rarely need a particular tool, like the plumbing tool we needed when we took out our old bathtub :). Anyhow, I designed it, he sanded everything, I stained the wood, and he built the shelves. RAD.  The next thing? I think we need a better table as the 4 legs of the table make getting in a bit clunky… but I think I’ll give Carpenter Dan a short break, hehee! (PS – this “before” photo was obviously taken years ago before I took out the icky vinyl stick tiles…let me tell you, any kitchen floor with white in it is stating the obvious – a recipe for showing every speck of dirt!)


While our Ruby dog has no interest in jumping in the river after tennis balls like the other dog at Cathedral Park did, she did manage to hop onto this log and pose for a picture with my husband. Oooh I just love my family!


Yeah and so this happened. After my awesome facial/Reiki treatment left me all mellow, I did the coffee cup trick and set my less than 1 year old Samsung Galaxy 5 on top of the car and took off. I didn’t know I had, however, and when I got home and couldn’t find it (even calling it via Google Voice), I wondered if I’d put it on top of the car (something I never do). It dark out so I suspended service, said a quiet “thank you!” that I have it PIN-locked, and ordered a new phone (this time going with the Google Nexus 6P as the new Samsungs are like $700, yikes!). With Ting, we pay ~ $55/mo month-to-month total for all inclusive service for both of us combined, which I love, BUT they don’t subsidize phones like contract carriers do, so while overall you’re saving a crap-ton of money (even with that cost), if something like this happens you’ve just got to be grateful for your credit card. So no phone til Tuesday, ugh. Anyhow, this morning we retraced my steps to look for it, and sure enough, it was in the median (probably a blessing as if it hit the sidewalk, someone would have grabbed it), just 3 blocks from our house, with the parts splayed like roadkill. Funny thing? We put it together, and it turned on. But the screen was crushed so no visual, and as you see it wasn’t viable either way 🙂 Nice end to the day, don’t you think?

But after having my phone destroyed due to my estrogen-filled scatterbrain? We went out into the yard in the morning as we love to do, and this is a bit of what we found growing in our garden . Flowers make everything better, I swear. I’ll take our garden any day over a fancy car or designer duds. This is where life is. Clockwise from top left: Allium, Bee Balm, Shasta Daisies, Bee’s Friend (look closely for the bumblebee on it!), Fuschia, Clematis.


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