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Not exactly breaking records in the speed of my book reading lately, but finally finished Stuffed and Starved, which was totally amazing. It’s pretty deep stuff and pretty hard-hitting emotionally at times so I read a chapter here, chapter there over the past six months. GREAT! Highly recommend.

Did our first hive check to see if the queen has hatched. Dan has the full bee jacket/veil so to take the pix I have a veil that the Flow folks included with the hive, tucked into a long sleeve shirt with kitchen gloves (super sexy), so I could get up close and document! They are building away, it’s so cool – look at that comb (top left) they’ve done just in the past week or two! He didn’t find the queen but we’re going to do another check next week to see if she’s hatched. They are definitely happy!

Well, this past Wednesday was the last day of SMART for the school year and I gotta say I got a bit sappy. It’s my third year volunteering as a reader and I just love it. On the last day the kiddos were supposed to make their readers bookmarks to take home but my two kiddos wanted to draw me pictures so I made them bookmarks to take home and have these pretty drawings to take home! The little boy I read to (not pictured – let’s just say he looked adorable but to say I looked like a cow in it would be a compliment) drew the pink castle with blue mountain and green bird – I could see quickly this was something he enjoyed so much! He’s such a charmer and comedian, I was so happy to get to spend time with him this year and watch him progress! 🙂 This little first grade gal (pictured) I read with on and off through this past school year, and is such a bundle of love and joy. It has been so wonderful to watch her transform over the past two years (my husband read to her last year) and I see so much hope for her! What an honor it is to get to do this! If our DEIVF is a success in June that will mean I’ll probably only be a sub for the 2016-2017 school year as I’d be due in the spring, but we’ll see what they let me do. It’s one of the best parts of our week to do this volunteer work!

And…FINALLY! Our bookshelf project is done! What shouldn’t have taken long ended up taking forever and so it’s an extra special thing to have these finally up. After picking up six 1×10’s from Salvage Works in Kenton, Dan sanded them to a fairly smooth finish (we wanted to respect the rustic look while still being able to stain it), then I stained them with an ebony low-VOC oil finish for wood that gave them this delicious chocolate tone. Thank goodness we got six, as one of the pieces of wood we realized was pretty warped  Finding brackets for the shelves was the absolute HARDEST part of this project as we really like iron ones but everything was either a pain in the ass to build or crazy spendy…so, we ended up buying unfinished ones for $4 at Ikea and I stained them to match with a sponge to get into all the corners. Then we realized after far too long that it’s a total waste of time to use a normal stud sensor on our old home’s lathe & plaster walls, so I picked up a magnet sensor at the hardware store and it was a dream! (DIY wannabes, stud sensors detect differences behind the wall, and l&p walls are consistently inconsistent, so use a magnet sensor instead as it tells where nails attach to the 2×4 studs. Pretty groovy!) We’d contemplated going up to the ceiling with shelves, but Irish Eyes (Dan’s xmas present from Oz) and the Japanese glass float that was my dad’s deserved a special place. So because we have more books, I pulled out all the children’s books that I have (Elsie Dinsmores that once belonged to my great-gram, Louisa May Alcott collection, and others) and will shelve them in the kiddo’s room. 

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