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More flowers coming up in the garden – our newest fuschia, pink poppies, and of course, more roses. Ahhh…


Dan making friends over next to the hive. Our first hive check shows they are making comb so this week we’ll verify a queen has begun her reign!


This is how our sweet Ruby girl likes to greet us, one paw up so we’ll hold her hand as we walk up the step 🙂 Almost all of her back and shoulders are now covered with calcinosus cutis due to her Cushings disease (fortunately it doesn’t spread to the legs or face), but thus far it doesn’t seem to bother her (it’s not itchy).  She’s got a few hairless patches but that part is slower progressing. She’s kind of like a younger Ron Howard maybe? 🙂 All three vets, including the “holistic” one, all pushed extraordinarily expensive tests to find out what kind of Cushings she has which will ultimately only tell them what kind of expensive (and super toxic) meds to put her on. And here’s the thing: Trilostane and all those other meds traditionally prescribed for Cushings? They don’t cure it. All they do is reduce the symptoms like potbelly, thirst and (sometimes) the calcium deposits. They don’t extend her life or make her more comfortable – they simply make the owner feel like they’re doing something because the “ugly” effects go away. She’s 11 years old and our goal is to ensure she is happy in her senior years with us. If that means she drinks double the amount of water and I let her out a few extra times to pee, so be it. She’s not in pain, she’s not incontinent, she’s just got a whole bunch more cortisol in her body than she should. The last vet, the only one to actually talk to us about non-treatment, said the most likely way she’ll pass is from a heart attack – i.e., she’ll go quickly. As I sit here, my sweet pup is passed out on her cushy bed, snoring like all mastiffs do, but ready at any moment to go on another walk. To me, that’s a good life 🙂


And yes, I voted! And hell yeah, I voted for who will hopefully be our first woman in the White House, the incredible Hillary Clinton! It actually brought a tear to my eye to see a woman’s name on the ballot – and I don’t think enough women are getting how huge this is. She’s not perfect, but she has done so much for women and from a recruiter’s standpoint? By FAR the best qualified both from experience (and yes, you do need to have actual political experience to hold this important of a job, I don’t give a damn what anyone says), and unlike Bernie Sanders, I trust her to work with world leaders and not just yell at them, not to mention she’s the only one on the ballot that doesn’t mansplain to women (I really wanted to like Bernie, y’all, but I have been talked down to by men like him for so long…and know very well that if Bernie was “Bernice”, no way in hell would he get as far as he has…same goes for Trump).

As the LA Times reported, “Women in political office make it a priority to advance rights, equality and opportunity for women and girls, in a way and to a degree that men in power overwhelmingly do not…Even when men and women in the same party hold similar opinions — on reproductive health issues, for example — it is the women officeholders who step up…An analysis of 31 countries found that the higher the proportion of women lawmakers, the greater the number of laws enacted to advance gender equality.” For those readers who live outside of the US, we have the stupidest primary system ever, where states vote at different times over a 6 month period for their party’s nominee. Because of this, many candidates drop out after seeing the first few states’ numbers, and therefore those of us in later primaries don’t actually get to select a candidate among everyone who initially threw their hats in the ring. (Not that I’m voting Republican, but as we know, Trump has that nomination wrapped up even though 20% of states, including California, a big one, haven’t even had their primaries, because all the other candidates have dropped out!)

Anyhow, Oregon’s primary is next week and as a smart state, all of our voting is done by mail, which ensures EVERYONE gets to vote and has consistently made us one of the top voter turnout states in the country). I received my ballot last week and mailed it out the same day (we get the voter pamphlet the prior week). Now I know some of y’all like to go somewhere and vote (our friend in Australia told us how there are BBQs and such…but hey, they also have the super-dreamy compulsory voting, something I can only fantasize about in America), but if you work 2 jobs or access to a polling place is limited or you’re disabled and can’t get out or are subject to the discriminatory laws passed in 17 states this year that restrict voting, doing that can be next to impossible, so realize that this ensures as much equity as possible in the voting process. Even better, Oregon is considering paying for ballot postage, which I think is the right thing to do, AND our Senator Ron Wyden is calling for nationwide vote-by-mail (not just “absentee” ballots). I’m so proud to have him as our Senator!

“If American women would increase their voting turnout by ten percent, I think we would see an end to all of the budget cuts in programs benefiting women and children.” ~ Coretta Scott King

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