Week in Pictures

A few scenes from our overnight getaway to the Oregon Coast, taking off early the morning after the transfer and spending the day in Cannon Beach where it was an insane 80 degrees (close to 90 in Portland!) and everyone seeming to have the same idea. We grabbed some seafood at Ecola Seafood (the only food I’ll eat in CB as most of it’s overpriced garbage) including  took a few short walks on the beach which were nice (needing to take it easy on myself physically, it was about staying mellow), got an overpriced beachfront room for the night, ordered room service for dinner and watched the sunset from our room. In the morning we got up and drove down to Manzanita to have a lovely little breakfast at Bread and Ocean, where longtime blog followers might remember we had our wedding brunch.

We arrived home on Friday morning and I was feeling so cruddy being back on the Estradiol that I had to cancel both of my meetings and stayed home and let the nausea swirl around me. It was 81 degrees so our garden was a bit parched even with the new drip irrigation (we’re still tweaking how long we have to run it – apparently two hours is not enough so we’re going to try 3.5 next), but when the sun went down I snapped some lovely shots of all that is waking up in the front yard. Clockwise from top left: dwarf bee balm, tulip, oxalis (grown under the shade of our rhodie), pink dogwood, and one view of our front yard with some of the blooms already going wild!


Occasionally I get books from Storey Publishing to check out as an eco-blogger, and ironically when we walked in the door we found our kitchen counter COVERED in ants. Well, obviously I didn’t get time to read it the minute it arrived, but finding Naturally Bug-Free in the mailbox was pretty rad timing (in the meantime we use the Terro traps, only things that seem to truly work…not cinnamon, not lavender, not borate!).  It’s got recipes for keeping bugs away from humans, from homes, from pets, and more. Pretty sweet, eh?


And our girl Ruby, keeping an eye on everything from the front porch of our home, just as my Miss Daisy used to do. Can’t believe it’ll be 4 years this summer since I said goodbye to my sweet rottie, but blessed to have our red pup.

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