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Well, our pup now has a fleece jacket of her own! While I’m definitely not one to dress up a dog, with her Cushings, she does not have a thick layer of hair and her belly is a bit patchy, so this Voyagers K9 Apparel on Etsy was just the ticket! As we’ll be heading to Mt Hood for my birthday, this’ll be perfect for her to wear in the snow 🙂


LOVING my new adidas A.T. 360.2 Prima cross-trainers for StepSculpt and Zumba. Gotta love Zappo’s for ordering 5 pairs of shoes to try on w/ free shipping, and sending the 4 that didn’t work back for free. These are comfy – and pretty fly too…


ah yes, and this stuff of course is under way once again. fortunately my husband is a pro doing the intramusculars, but UNfortunately the mood swings have returned and i gotta say the lower back aches are especially fun! but this time i am a wee bit better at taking it in stride…that is until my Zumba instructor started blabbing about her daughter giving birth and asked who in our class were moms. i almost ran out, but made it through the class and cried in the car. sigh…whaddayagonnado…


Ahhh…I love our new year’s resolution for going on a hike every week. This time we hopped over to Forest Park just outside of downtown to the Lower Macleay trailhead. The creek was practically raging compared to it’s near-invisibility during last summer’s drought, and there were a few downed trees from all the precipitation that were kinda cool to check out as well. I swear my blood pressure drops just stepping onto a path in a forest 🙂


Unbelievably, it’s almost time for the annual Native Plant Sale here in Portland. Ordering is next week and pickup is in February, and this time they’ve sadly decided not to sell any groundcovers but have expanded their shrubbery, so we are considering some new items like ocean spray, nootka rose, and this baldhip rose (pictured). With our recently reorganized backyard garden layout, there’s actually LOTS of empty spots to fill in and this is by far the cheapest way to do it.


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