Week in Pictures

The first week of the new year brought snow!!!!!!! For those not familiar with how we “do” snow in the Willamette Valley of the Pacific Northwest, every inch equals a day off of work and/or school. A couple inches of snow on the ground Sunday morning plus freezing rain that evening = our roads are sheets of ice and in a city that only gets a wee bit of snow every few years, it’s cause for celebration, with happy people walking to their neighborhood coffee shops, dogs and kids (and grownups) gleefully playing, and of course – lots of stuff closed. Congrats to the kids who got an extra day of winter vacation! My husband’s been a trooper, banned from his bike til the ice is gone and having to take the bus the last two days which equals 60-90 minutes each way (more than double his normal bike commute), and learning how to walk in snow & ice for the first time. What a great way to ring in 2016!


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