Week in Pictures

This holiday week Dan managed to have 3 whole days off in a row, woo hoo!! So one of those days we went to Mimosa Studios on Alberta and painted pottery. After taking a ceramics class a couple years ago, I realized I enjoyed the decorating WAY more than the making! Since each year we said make a homemade ornament (whether we have a tree or not – this year we opted out), he picked out the owl, I did the blue and he did the red & the eyes. We made some pretty rad mugs too!

And speaking of owls (my husband’s got a thing for them), we stopped by Garden Fever and picked up another piece of yard art made from recycled metal drums – this one overseeing the ferns and hostas in the shady area of our backyard 🙂

Did I mention we have garlic coming up in our raised beds? We used straw this year which was way cheaper than bark mulch, and we got it from the nursery by our house – always funny picturing our walk 5 blocks home with a 4′ bale of hay in a hand truck. Ah, life in the city…

Our girl Ruby also had a grand time as she got to go hiking at Mt Tabor and Sandy River Delta, AND jaunts to both Woodlawn and Cathedral Park. THIS is what our car has been so great for – getting us hiking way more already!

We ate well at home this week! Dan & I have made a concerted effort to decrease our restaurant spending and do more of what we already love – cook together! So when Iliamna Fish Co emailed that they had some extra “mini shares” available of their wild Alaskan salmon, we were all over it. I had ordered us a share, and was supposed to split a second share with another buyer who ended up taking it all for herself and refusing to respond to me to arrange the split! So it was nice to get at least a bit more so we don’t run out like we did in 2015. The dinner we made above includes salmon broiled with a bourbon dijon glaze…drool!!

For Christmas we kept to only one of our traditions – going on a hike. this would be Dan doing his own version of “look wistful”, a tradition that goes back to Melbourne when we spent our first long holiday together, and he photographed me among the bamboo. We made a spectacular Cuban-inspired dinner of pulled pork marinated in lime and garlic, fried caramelized plantains (maduros) with rice and beans and avocado. YUM! Not pictured, we also had vanilla ice cream with a warm sour cherry sauce, thanks to the fruit my friend Ruth gave us earlier this year! We ended out the holidays with Star Wars Episode 7 and Christmas dinner at Monsoon Thai on Mississippi. Nice to see the old Star Wars gang and one of my first crushes, Han Solo, but the writing was just…disappointing, and the acting was just…wooden (except for the new kid who plays Finn, he was great!). Some campy moments and worth the watch being a fan from the early days, but overall reminded me more of one of those reunion shows, a la “A Very Brady Christmas.” No interest in seeing the next two (final) sequels.

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