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After being really dissatisfied with our less than one year old chaise sofa/chair from World Market (uncomfortable to lie on, odd fabric, too small, and realized we disliked the chaise feature) I sold the set for a high percentage of the original value within one day of posting the ad to a neighbor furnishing her Airbnb. With that, we decided we needed to invest in something GOOD that would last as long as my prior leather one had (10 years) and would accommodate future kids and deal better with a certain bullmastiff who likes to sneak up there when we leave the house. So, after visiting everywhere from Ikea to Crate and Barrel to Pottery Barn (where we gasped at prices ranging from $300 to $6000, I shit you not, with the last two providing oh-so-poor 12 week wait times to ship!), we ended up snagging this dark charcoal/brownish gray beauty at City Liquidators (like Nordstrom Rack for furniture) for a great deal – AND had it delivered the next day. Yes, I know leather is not the most eco, but it’s such a long term investment and we just don’t have the $ for sustainably made, dog-hair repellent sofa (and yes I looked at used but there are very few sectionals that fit our small living room, not to mention it’d require we rent a huge truck to get it from wherever to home).  Anyhow, within minutes this picture shows my hubby enjoying it’s hugeness and comfiness!! Perfect for my watching SCANDAL too!!

The one and only time she got up on the new sofa, she looked very unsure of her decision. She hasn’t tried this (in my presence) since. 🙂

My awesome friend swung by with her newborn and the three of us went for a hike in Forest Park for what she called “nature therapy” for both of us during my waiting period. Boy did I need it! She’s become a good friend and has been by far my top supporter (after my husband, of course) during these crazy 10 months of baby-making efforts. A lot of folks in TTC mode don’t want to be around folks with kids but for me it’s the opposite. It’s what gives me hope. (Now I will admit I do NOT want to see any pregnant bellies, as that drives me to tears!). Anyhow, we had a good long talk, then a light lunch, and I came home feeling like I’d finally gotten what I’d been missing over these past months – mellow time with a friend who actively listened to what I had to say, was genuinely concerned and neither watching the clock nor checking her phone or texting. It’s amazing how hard it is to find friends at my age who make the time to fit in more than a meal, and in this simple life I try to lead, I’m grateful for these moments.

Finally, got some awesome boots for Paris, in the nick of time! This past year saw the death of my trusty Keen mary-janes, and with the newer version looking and fitting very poorly, I tried about 10 different shoes through Zappo’s (I love their free shipping & returns, but hate that I have to go to a UPS store with a huge box on my bike or via Zipcar to do them, grrr….) and so I grumbled into 4 different stores before finally finding these black Bogs Pearl Lace Boots at good ol’ REI. YAY! Because this gal is NOT wearing sneakers or hikers while walking around Montmartre!

OMG this is my new favorite way to make salmon. Inspired by the recipe for Salmon with Roasted Grapes I found in Sunset magazine – and a bag of grapes I wasn’t as fond of as I’d hoped), we substituted sunflower seeds for the pine nuts, purple grapes for red, tarragon for thyme (mainly because my husband cut the wrong herb out of the garden), and spinach for arugula from our last batch of fall spinach in the garden. SO so so tasty.

So sweet!! My mother in law, Dan’s stepmum, in Australia sent us these flowers to comfort us after the embryo transfer failed this week. It was so perfect and just what we both needed. Love her!!!

Hee hee, my husband prefers funny faces rather than normal smiles when I photograph him 🙂 Here we are on the deck out front scraping the seeds out of the various sunflowers we’d dried so we have lots n lots for next spring. 🙂 This is my man and I wouldn’t trade him in for nothin’!

OK so in past blog posts I’ve mentioned how we have the old rings in the curbs that were once used to tie your horse up when making a stop, and that someone about 10 years ago decided to start tying toy horses up to them, and The Horse Project was born. My hubby thought this was the coolest thing EVAH, so when I asked him if we could please say goodbye to the “turtle brain” that he’d bought for me a few years ago (it was made by a developmentally disabled person sold at a nonprofit store here back when he was considering continuing his career in that arena here in PDX), he suggested we tie it up 🙂

One of the best things about fall is the sunset from our front porch 🙂

They are seriously funny in our neighborhood when it comes to Halloween season…

And yes, I got a big fat prescription of Madonna happy pills last night…separate post to come 🙂

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