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Two days after stopping progesterone I felt much closer to normal/better, and so we hopped on our bikes and got back into a nice rhythm cruising around town. We came upon this weaving through the side streets not far from Mississippi and so we naturally both had to add our two cents (mine: to own a horse and to see a woman president!).

Ruby has a habit of acting like she’s got to pee so I let her outside and she scampers over to the dry grass and plops down for a nap in the sun. Dan calls her a weirdo. 🙂 This was right before her head hit the ground, and you can see how huge the pumpkin is right behind her (crazy for July!)…

Speaking of our weird dog, earlier this week while we were still sitting our neighbor’s pup, she decided in jealousy one night that she was going to squeeze her whole mastiff body into Roxy’s much smaller-dog-size bed. (btw, Roxy just said fine, and sprawled out luxuriously on Ruby’s huge bed).

Read about, ordered a used copy, and promptly finished Nia Vardalos’ Instant Mom in the course of three days. Loved it. Just the antidote to the sad face I’d sported most of the week.

With all the stresses and craziness of June, I missed my monthly massage so had a much needed 90 minutes with my gal at Written on the Body. Julie Campbell (and her whole team) are so amazing.

As many of you know, I’ve been a strong advocate for women and girls, and with our adoption, we’ve focused more on learning about the struggles that girls have to overcome growing up in Ethiopia and nearby Somalia, where many of their refugees have escaped. Learning about the efforts and successes of GirlUp, I know this is something I can get behind.

Finally checked out Milk Glass Market for their super tasty breakfast biscuits over on Killingsworth near where my gram & gramps used to live. YUM. A nice bonus for the hubby? They carry Bundaberg Ginger Beer from Oz 🙂 (image source)

After a hard day of dealing with the truth of our infertility, we decided to get a Zipcar and just leave the city Friday and crossed over onto the Vancouver side of the Columbia to kick back at Frenchman’s Bar, where it was almost devoid of people, and a perfect day to picnic, read, chill out with the dog, check out the birds and other wildlife, and just stare out at the water. Ruby had a glorious time, and with a few treats we even coaxed her into the water (belly height – we’ve yet to see her swim, she’s too afraid). A really good thing to get us mellowed out and centered. Onward and upward!

Our first dahlias have bloomed! We’ve never grown them before so it’s been interesting. One came up then promptly kicked the bucket, another is just a small bit of greenery, and the third gave us several gorgeous blooms like this 🙂

But boy oh boy have our sunflowers taken off! Dan went a bit rogue in the backyard with a whole stash of seeds from last year and now it’s a bit of a jungle to get through the sunflower forest to the cukes and raspberries, but it’s so gorgeous that I can’t help but love it. They’re 6-7′ tall already and starting to lean over. Can’t get over how this summer has been…

And yes, speaking of our crazy fast-forward type of summer, we are just starting to harvest sweet peppers. Just a few, but the case looks good and if the heat waves stop and we just get back to the 80’s where everything thrives, we’ll have a banner harvest for roasted & marinated peppers to can. My favorite!!

Basil. Oh happy day. I planted about 8 seed packets worth in different places, from the holes in the cinderblocks of the tomato beds (where only the cinnamon basil has thrived), in the sweet pepper beds (where NONE came up), next to the corn (again, none came up), and then liberally in two galvanized steel pots (which they LOVE!). So I made a batch of my favorite pesto using slivered almonds (I’ve never liked walnuts) and lemon juice & peel, and we’ve been gorging on it mixed with the locally made linguini from Classic Foods right down the street (FYI locals, it’s New Seasons Market’s house brand).

Afterwards my husband took me to exactly what I needed – Trainwreck, a kick ass comedy starring the magnificent Amy Schumer who is refreshingly honest, funny, and one helluva feminist. The men are the side characters for once (with women not simply obsessed about finding husbands) and the movie is one of Judd Apatow’s best, as he is at the top of his game when he mixes the silly moments with the touching ones. Awesome (and occasionally surprising) performances by Tilda Swinton, Colin Quinn, and so many more. People can knock it all they want but Schumer says so many things that will make women pee their pants laughing in “yep, I get it”,  it was worth the ten bucks a pop. And it definitely was what I needed to remember what’s most important – how pretty damn great my life is and who I share it with. (image source)

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