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After the sun was no longer beating down on the garden, I went out to pull a few carrots and had one of those moments recognizing how far our garden, and backyard in general, has come in the past year. From removing, relocating, and rebuilding raised beds (and adding a few more), to Dan’s flower garden to the clothesline he built, and our awesome garden dog, it’s really something that makes us smile.  The nasturtiums, calendulas and gladiolas are in bloom and everything else is coming up…FAST!

favorite summer snack? carrots pulled from the garden with red pepper hummus for dipping!

I’m used to growing garlic and not paying any attention to it. But due to our super dry spring? Super wussy size garlic because I should have watered it more! Argh!!!


yes those are full grown peppers, just waiting for them to change colors now. and it’s late june. so, so weird.

see how tall the pepper bushes are?! (we have 20 plants this year, i can’t help myself!)

Yes, this is a pumpkin. I can’t make this stuff up. As a side note, we’ve had 6 or 7 pumpkins appear in our garden, apparently from last year’s seeds in the compost bin. We’ve allowed 2 to stay and wander about the yard, the rest got yanked 🙂

zucchini-o-rama has begun!

street art 🙂

yes this is a guy in a rowboat with his bike…we watched him pull up onto the beach, get on his bike and ride off. rad.

flowers along the south downtown waterfront

looking out at the new no-cars-allowed Tillikum Crossing (and yes, that’s a stand up paddleboarder in the water enjoying a great morning on the Willamette).

What an awesome discovery! While exploring this fairly recently updated area of the waterfront, we discovered the new-ish Human Access Project, with all these poems written by local kids with Native American words sprinkled in on others as well. LOVE 🙂

crew, paddleboard, bridge, water, ahhhhh….

from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

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