Week in Pictures

Two words: Boccone Dolce. French meringue and fresh strawberries with blackberries and raspberries sprinkled in as well between layers of homemade whipped cream. We share a slice of this at Papa Haydn on our anniversary. Having gone here since I was a little kid, staring at their beautiful dessert case and almost always going for their Georgian Peanut Torte, this was a new one for me and my husband took care of the cream part to save my tummy. YUM.

Our anniversary was awesome, spent primarily at the beach!! As you can see, Ruby was overjoyed to help celebrate it with us!

one morning’s harvest…fresh strawberries on pancakes? in smoothies? right off the vine? yes please!

madly in love with my 3 new alliums…love watching them follow the sun and only regret I didn’t plant a thousand more!

every year I seem to forget why nasturtiums drive me insane…love how they fill in the holes of the cinderblocks but man, they want to take over the world! and you can’t see it here but i’ve actually got a 2×4 going the length of the left side to push them down to give the carrots and kale some sun!!! must give the DP another job…

and finally, rented Mother and Child the other day and LOVED every performance in it..a perfect movie as we move towards adoption 🙂 (image source)

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